20 TikTok Video Ideas to Help You Go Viral!

TikTok caters to the digital generation by giving content creators the ability to share short videos. This platform is most popular among teenagers, and its users tend to be tech-savvy, which might make them a logical audience for your content. Now, TikTok has a significant part in marketing and promotion as well. One useful tip while using TikTok if you are a beginner is to attract a Gen Z audience so you can get captivated as soon as possible. If you are a beginner or an old user of TikTok and want to gain more followers and reach, this guide is for you. We have made a list of TikTok videos ideas that can help you go viral and instantly gain many followers.

TikTok Viral Video Ideas

TikTok is all about engaging content, and to create engaging content, you must have some enjoyable and creative content ideas to make. Here are 20 TikTok video ideas to help you go viral. Let’s look at each idea one by one:

1.Create Fun Challenges

TikTok, ever since it has launched, has always come up with really fun and creative challenges. These challenges can be hilarious and amusing, and the best part is these challenges do get popular over the globe, so if you make a challenge on TikTok video, which is unique and fun. People also start creating fun challenges with their friends and family, and you can get viral by simply doing a challenge.

TikTok challenges surely play a huge role in your popularity, only if the video is unique and fun. Thus, if your goal is to increase followers, you must participate in viral video challenges.

Fake Travel challenges

In this challenge, people trick their audience by showing that they’re on a plane whereas, in reality, they are at home. It is fun to watch the creative side where you cannot differentiate whether the video is actually from the plane or not.

2. Imitate songs

Most TikTok videos are song imitators, and most of us are probably familiar with TikTok because of its song imitation. Although TikTok is much more than this, these videos have their fan base. Simply act out songs while lip-syncing to the lyrics. You may even reenact a scene from the original video by imitating dialogue. While enacting, people occasionally add their twist—a quick way to go viral and by imitating the viral song. Song imitations are a sure way to get viewers on TikTok.

Alina and Kristina

Here are two famous sister duos, Alina and Kristina, doing a fun song imitation. These sisters are famous for their extremely-sync content.

3. Transformation videos

Transformation videos are the most popular and one of the most loved video categories. The transformation can be of any type, such as hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe, or any quick drawer or room organizing videos. People begin by showing them untidy and then suddenly transform into all dressed up. Even many marketing professionals say that transformation videos are a creative and fun way to increase the number of followers. Influencers collaborate with brands and create transformation videos for their brands.

Zodiac Makeup Transformation

Here is a video of a girl transforming herself into some really creative makeup art.

4. Tips and Tricks videos

Tips and tricks videos are a fun and creative way to show how you can do complex and tiring tasks with simple and easy-to-follow tips. These tricks are not only practically applicable but also fun to watch. You can show your audience an easy way to do everyday tasks. Not only daily tasks, but you can also even share some technology-related tips and some incredible features that people do not commonly know.

Kitchen tips and tricks

Here is a woman showing some amazing and easy-to-do tricks that we did not know before.

5. Satisfying Videos

The satisfying videos can be a great way of gaining followers. People prefer watching them in their spare time because this video gives an oddly satisfying feel, calming for the mind and eyes. These kinds of videos are so popular on TikTok, and a lot of TikTok accounts are specifically made for creating calming and satisfying videos. It can be anything from cutting soaps to kinetic sand, mixing colors, and much more.

Kinetic Sand Balls

Here is a calming and satisfying TikTok video idea of merging kinetic sand balls.

6. Attractive Dance Videos

Dancing and enacting songs are commonly made TikTok videos. People with professional dance skills as well as beginners have made public accounts to show their moves. Even if you think you have the talent to dance or you love dancing, not only this. You can even create videos on trending songs by showing your own attractive dance moves. TikTok helps you gain a massive number of followers by showing your talent.

Mom-son Dance

Here is a dance video of a mom and son duo. They are literally enjoying every moment.

7.Creating Art

Talk about talent and skills; how can we forget creating mesmerizing pieces of art. If you are an artist or want to be an artist, TikTok welcomes all art types. You can showcase your piece of art, and you show the prices of creating art from scratch and uploading it in a fast-forward way. You can create various types of art such as canvas painting, crafts, origami, and DIY art projects.

A Satisfying Botanical Painting

An artist is making such calming, satisfying paintings that we love to watch and definitely think of creating one.

8. Fruit cutting videos

This TikTok Video idea is also a creative way to make content for your TikTok account. The creators cut the fruits and vegetables using creative methods, and they even show some easy ways to present fruits and vegetables in a dish. Fruit cutting videos serve two purposes; firstly, they teach people skills, and secondly, these videos are oddly satisfying to watch.

Dragon Fruit Cutting

Here is a video of creative and detailed cutting of dragon fruit:

9. Daily Routine

You might not be aware of it, but you can become viral on TikTok just by sharing your daily routine. A number of influencers and TikTok users have accounts that are entirely made to show their daily routine. You can refer to the video below and take an idea. Also, list down the important factors that make the TikTok video idea of showing daily routine go viral.

Erinbachman’s day

Here is a video of famous TikTok mom Erin Bachman. She shares her daily routine and little joyful moments with her little ones.

10. Freeze Frame Video

This video category became famous when TikTok introduced a really interesting feature of the freeze frame filter. You can create a video, and within a single frame, you can freeze one posture and make a second one. It will bring some really amusing outcomes.

Father-daughter duo

A father-daughter duo does a really fun yet scary freeze-frame challenge.

11. Science Experiment Activities

Think of the school times when you used to do experiments and watch some fun science experiment shows after coming back from school. They are still here and turned into a TikTok video idea! Science experiments are amusing and interesting at the same time. You can create TikTok videos based on science experiments, and they are fun to watch and a great source of information.

Bouncing egg

Ever seen an egg bouncing without breaking? Here is a science experiment you can do to make the egg bounce

12. Animal videos

A large number of people do have a pet in their house. Did you ever think of posting those cute little moments of your pet on TikTok? Many users have made a separate account dedicated to their pets, and you can also create one. Post videos of your pets. A large number of audiences find animal videos amusing and cute.

Puppies on a walk

Cute little puppies are going for a much-needed walk time in this video:

13. Tell a Story

Telling a story can be interesting and engaging at the same time. A large number of TikTok users shared their personal or success stories by using the hashtag #StoryTime. You can also share your story and make it go viral.

Woman In Basketball

The famous hoopandt girl shared her story using the tell a story hashtag.

14. Slow-Motion videos

It has been one of the most popular TikTok video categories ever since TikTok was launched. Many TikTok users add slow-motion effects in their videos that are widely watched and liked by the audience.

Slo-mo Walk

Here is a video of a really cool slo-mo walk.

15. Song Cover videos

If you have the talent for singing, you can go viral by simply posting a video. Record a short 15-16 second song cover video and sing it with your style. People love listening to song covers.

Song cover challenge

Here is a video of two singers doing a fun cover challenge, and their voices are actually admirable:

16. Cool Facts

Fun facts state some uncommon and unusual facts that we are not aware of. Share some mind-blowing facts to your audience in a quick and short video. You can even share a series of fun fact videos. They are engaging and informative at the same time.

Facts you must know

Find out cool facts about the world.

17. Mini Home Renovation

Home renovation is a creative TikTok video idea you can create. Simply show a quick home renovation of your home, and you can show to set small corners of your house.

Bedroom makeover

Here is a video of a quick and beautiful room makeover.

18. Pranks

Pranks are not only fun to watch but even funnier to do. Do some harmless pranks on your family and friends and put them on TikTok. Just make sure the pranks are funny and do not cause any serious hurt.

DM Pranks

Here is a funny yet so scary prank

19. ASMR Videos

ASMR is a new yet fun-to-watch TikTok video idea. You can make ASMR videos of almost everything, from unboxing a package to food ASMR and even organizing your drawer ASMR.


ASMR is fun to watch, and look, a lady is doing some fun and mouth-watering food ASMR

20. Food art/ recipes

TikTok is famous for food recipes, and people share some really delicious, easy, and quick-made recipes on TikTok. You can make short videos, desserts recipes, and food art using some ingredients available at home.


Food can be art too. Here’s how:


To conclude, we have made a detailed list of TikTok video ideas that you can opt for your account. These ideas will give your account a perfect stat and the massive number of followers that you desire. Choose the category that best meets your interest and you can take it further, think of the content, or take some references and you are good to go viral instantly. You can take ideas for these above-mentioned videos or also you can think of your own type of video content that must be unique, but, make sure the idea must be fun, creative, or funny enough to go viral.

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