Complete List | 15 Useful TikTok Tools

Ever since this video-making platform has launched, it has never stopped introducing new, exciting, and useful features not only for entertainment but also for marketing and promotion purposes. TikTok, in a short span of time, has gained immense popularity. Now, brands are also shifting to TikTok for advertising and promotion. A larger number of users and content has made a potential marketing opportunity on TikTok. For this, TikTok has introduced useful tools.

These TikTok tools serve various purposes such as increasing engagement, demographic study, audience insights, targeting, and retargeting audience. All these tools basically fulfill the purposes of growth and overall a better engagement for your brand and content creation account. In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 TikTok tools you can use for better engagement and growth. Let’s look at each tool in detail one by one.

Part 1: Useful TikTok Tools

As stated earlier, TikTok has come up with interesting tools that can particularly be used for brand engagement and increases audience and brand visibility. Not only this, but the content creator can also benefit from this tool as their success entirely depends on the maximum number of users they can reach. By using the TikTok tool, content creators and brands can make the overall TikTok experience more fun and engaging.

1. TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok Creator Marketplace is a valuable branding tool. It can incorporate brand performance. Businesses can use the TikTok Creator Marketplace to connect with authentic influencers that can promote their brands to the right audience.


The key features of TikTok Creator Marketplace are listed below:

  • Provides authentic data of the content creators and influencers
  • Direct contact with influencers for brand campaigns
  • Easily shortlist influence using “Creator’s Profile.”
  • Reporting tool gives an in-depth insight

Pricing Strategy

TikTok Creator Marketplace has set up eligibility criteria that the influencer will consider. It is best for mid-tier- macro and mega influencers. The costs are listed below:


Number of followers 50k-500k

Charge per post $125-1k


Number of followers 500k-1MM

Charge per post $1k-2k


Number of followers 1MM+

Charge per post $2k+

2. TikTok Creative Center

TikTok Creative Center is a free resource to discover the latest ongoing trends and success stories along with tools to create the best-performing TikTok ads.


The significant features of TikTok Creative Center are listed below:

  • Trend discovery

It has all the latest and popular trends of videos you can browse and take inspiration from.

  • Top Ads

It shows the high-performance auticon ads for the ongoing week and month.

  • Showcases

You can create videos from the incredible feature and also get inspiration from the latest trending videos.

Pricing Strategy

Free version available

3. TikTok Analytics

This TikTok tool is specially designed for creators and businesses. TikTok Analytics helps to track the metrics in the content. The insights are useful data to gain a better understanding of follower numbers, profile overview, and video analytics.


The features of TikTok Analytics are listed below:

  • Overview

You can view the analytics of the previous week and month in this tab. It shows the overall performance of your account.

  • Content Analytics

This feature allows you to view the insight of each video separately. It shows the most popular video as well as metrics, including views, likes, comments, and shares.

  • Followers Analytics

This feature gives detailed information about followers, breakdown of gender, and their region. It also provides detail about when your followers are most active on the app.

  • Live Analytics

This feature displays the insights on the live videos of the previous month. It includes the number of followers, the total time you spend live, and the number of Diamonds earned.

Pricing Strategy

  • Pro $49 per month
  • Advanced $79 per month
  • Enterprise Custom made package

4. TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop is a social e-commerce platform made by TikTok for the creator to sell their products. It can pull products from the Shopify product catalog, and users can directly browse the product catalogs without leaving the app.


The main features of the TikTok shop are listed below:

  • Links to Products

TikTok shop has an incredible feature of directly linking the product to TikTok videos. Viewers can click on the product while watching the video to learn more about it. You can tie offers, real-time demos, and relevant product links.

  • Trailing TikTok Shopping

It allows more users to build their businesses on TikTok. You can add a shop tap on your profile and sync the product catalog. It creates a mini-store from which users can directly shop online.

  • Direct Campaigns running

TikTok Shop allows merchants to create, run and optimize TikTok marketing campaigns from Shopify dashboards.

Pricing strategy

$29 per month

5. TikTok Business

TikTok business is a centralized platform on TikTok. It guides businesses to devise social media plans, create ads, set budgets, reach the right audience, and analyze campaign data.


The useful features of TikTok Business are listed below:

  • Performance and audience data

Tailor-made strategies that speak to your audience about your brand.

  • Commercial music library

Get access to 500,000+ royalty-free audio and sounds.

  • Web business suite

Download an in-depth report of the entire growth engagement and audience.

Pricing Strategy

Minimum budget per day: $10

6. Upfluence

Upfluence is a collaboration platform for creators. They can collaborate and create quality content, manage payment and nurture result-driven quality relationships.


The salient features of Upfluence are listed below:

  • Grow brands

It allows brands to grow in such a manner that increases overall sales and brand visibility to the audience.

  • Influencer Discovery

You can find and recruit influencers that best fit your products. It helps you reach the most influential customers. It is capable of combining the social data and purchase history of influencers to turn them into brand ambassadors.

  • Relationship Management

It creates a longer-term and meaningful relationship with creators through collaboration.

Pricing Strategy

Sold on subscription bases and available on request.

7. Loomly

Loomly is a tool that helps in building a successful brand with your team. It helps grow businesses through collaboration, publishing, and analytics features.


The useful features of Loomly are listed below:

  • Content Library

The content library allows you to manage all your content that is collaborated with another influencer. Also, it notifies you regarding any change made by your team member. It gives you a list view as well as a calendar view.

  • Unlimited inspirational ideas

Loomly gives a number of ideas based on ongoing trending topics. It gathers data from all social media as well as custom post ideas.

  • Craft posts and ads like experts

Loomly provides step-by-step guides to creating posts and ads. You can get ideas, ad subject labels, and also get optimization tips. It also has a Loomly studio, hashtag manager, and UTM parameter generator to increase sales.

  • Keep your team onboard

Loomly has an interesting feature of collaborative approval. You can have your team on board to create the post and ad mockups. You can even add comments visible to your team members.

Pricing Strategy

  • Base $26/mon
  • Standard $59/mon
  • Advanced $129/mon
  • Premium $269/mon
  • Enterprise: Request Quote

8. Iconosquare

Iconosqaure is a platform that shows actionable social media analytics. It provides data-driven decisions for all social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


The useful features of iconosquare are listed below:

  • Improved performance

The advanced analytics in Iconosquare shows insights that help in improving social media performance. It is capable of bringing data-driven results. You can even have a customized dashboard that prioritizes the sections important to you. Also, the schedule report gives a thorough analysis to keep you updated regarding current performance and future improvements.

  • Improved Management

The management capability of Iconosquare allows you to have multiple social profiles of different brands and companies from a single dashboard.

  • Scheduling

This particular feature makes your tasks easier and more manageable. You can schedule the content, and it will post at a scheduled time. In addition, it also shows the best time to post, user tagging, Geolocation, and first comment scheduler.

Pricing strategy

Pro $49

Advanced $79

Enterprise: Custom

9. SocialPilot

The SocialPilot is an amazing platform that helps you achieve the intended social media presence with powerful publishing, insightful analytics, and seamless collaboration.

  • Publish and schedule

It can schedule and publish a post on all social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Google Business page, Pinterest, and Facebook groups. It also allows for the creation and posting of customized posts, images, video gifs, and tags for each social media platform. It is even capable of bulk scheduling up to 500 posts.

  • Analytics and report

SocialPilot gives you all the relevant insights and data to make the right decision for your social media strategy. You can download the report and share it with your team as well as with the client. You can get a clear picture through graphs, charts, and critical metrics.

  • White Label

SocialPilot creates a customized dashboard specially designed for your brand. With the help of branded dashboard and analytics. You can get a personalized experience for your brand through a customized interface that matches your brand style and images. It opens up new income streams with superior resellers benefit of white label setup.

Pricing strategy

  • Agency 127.5/mon
  • Studio $85/mon
  • Small Team $42.5/mon
  • Enterprise: customized plan

10. TikTok Money Calculator

TikTok Money Calculator is an incredible tool that gives you an estimation of the earnings of public TikTok accounts. It also allows for tracking the performance through analytics.


The helpful features of TikTok Money Calculator are as follows:

  • Track unlimited TikTok accounts for Fixed Price

This feature of the TikTok money calculator allows you to track anything your influencer or the competitor’s influencers are doing. You can track the posts, mentions in posts, and even track the ongoing changes with time. In addition, it can track analytics and statistics of views, engagement followers, and more. It can even track the best time to post and the most used hashtags for the posts.

Part 2.Track TikTok video growth and statistics

It gives a detailed view of the growth history of every single TikTok video. You can view when the audience is enlarged either with the paid promotion or organically.

Pricing strategy

  • Influencer 49 €
  • Agency 249 €
  • Enterprise 599 €

11. Viamaker

Viamaker is a video editing app for creating short video edits and vlogs. You can even apply the vintage filter, aesthetic effects, music, and other advanced features.


The features of Viamaker are listed below:

  • Customized video

It can change a video by adding basic editing features such as exposure, contrast, and transition effects. You can even adjust the ratio according to various social media platforms.

  • Background Music

Viamaker has preloaded music you can simply tap and apply to your video. You can even add music from your playlist as well.

  • Photo and video editing

The videos and photos can be edited through effects including Glitch, Retro, VHS, Christmas, Lo-fi, Aesthetic, Neon, Mirror, Split, Trippy, Sparkling, and so on.

Pricing Strategy

Free version available

12. Fanbytes

Fanbytes is an excellent tool to generate explosive results. It can drive awareness and generate sales. Also, this social influencer agency has gaming marketing, apps marketing, reality marketing, and music marketing.


The features of Fanbytes are listed below:

  • Influencer marketing

Fanbytes is a perfect tool for influencer marketing. This platform connects with Gen Z to run a global campaign. It even allows you to find the right influencers for content creation.

  • Bytelabs

It combines creativity with performance to bring scalable marketing conversions.

Pricing strategy

The price is dependent on campaign bases, and the minimum rate is £3000.

13. Media Mister

Media Mister is a tool to grow social media for businesses. It offers a comprehensive range of social media services for increased sales, brand awareness, and promotion.


The features of Media Mister are listed below:

  • Targeted Services

It is designed to cater to targeted regions. Media Mister has a range of targeted services that includes likes, followers, views, comments, reposts, retweets, and mentions.

  • High-impact social signals

Media Master provides a high-impact social signal from authentic and active accounts.

Pricing strategy

  • For Instagram, it costs $2
  • For YouTube, it costs $13

14. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade is a tool that provides you with authentic and active followers for your TikTok account. You can engage with real and relevant followers as per your regions and content. You can get the real growth of your public account.


The features of TokUpgrades are listed below:

  • Grow on Autopilot

TokUpgrade helps you to reach more users and convert them into real followers. It provides full account management and secure TikTok growth.

  • Real TikTok Engagement

The secure algorithm of TokUpgrade will only reach the relevant user as your follower. It ensures real and secure growth. You can get more engagement and reach. It automatically builds your audience.

Pricing strategy

  • The standard package costs $15 per week
  • The Premium package costs $25 per week

15. Toksocial

Toksocial is a platform to buy real and organic TikTok followers. You can get the targeted growth with the most advanced technology and feature, and it is easy to set up.


The features of Toksocial are listed below:

  • Targeted Growth

You can get genuine and targeted results with the user who actually watches your content.

  • Advanced Filters

With an advanced filter, you can have a targeted niche and also blacklist interests that you don’t want to engage with.

  • Boost exposure

It can boost the exposure of your TikTok account to the point where your content can actually go viral. You can reach a large audience.

Pricing strategy

  • The regular plan costs $15 per week
  • The Pro plan costs $25 per week


To conclude, we have listed the 15 useful TikTok tools that you can use for your own public account, business, or agency. You can even collaborate with top-rated content creators and hire them as your brand representative. These TikTok tools have proved to be a medium of communication between brands and content creators.

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