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TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform, continues to improve and introduce the TikTok Shop feature, which enables users to sell and shop online. TikTok is currently the most popular platform globally, with over 2 billion downloads.

Users can engage with other users connected to their accounts by watching and uploading videos on TikTok. While TikTok creators do not make money from advertising like YouTubers, they make money via endorsements and product promotion.

Therefore to help TikTok video makers earn more money, the Chinese social media platform innovated by introducing a TikTok Shop function, which allows users to buy and sell things. This article will introduce this new feature of TikTok, its benefits, and how you can promote your business using the TikTok shop seller center’s interface.

Part 1. What Is TikTok Shop Seller Center?

TikTok keeps adding new features, some of which may excite the interest of firms looking to sell on the social platform. TikTok has launched TikTok Shop, its latest offering in the world of social commerce, after nearly a year of testing. TikTok is making a full-fledged entrance into the world of e-commerce.

In TikTok Shop, you can customize your profile to feature a catalog of products and add shoppable tags to your livestream videos; and that’s how you can sell directly within TikTok. Once you’ve verified your Seller Center account, you can list products, run promotions, manage refunds and returns, and add users.

Part 2. Benefits of TikTok Shop Seller Center

After all of your information has been verified, you may utilize your TikTok Shop Seller Center to make sales online at TikTok Shop.

  • You can advertise your products to all TikTok users.
  • You can make sales streaming to engage with potential buyers directly. You can also ask potential consumers questions about the things you sell.
  • The system automatically generates the English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, and Spanish editions.
  • You can personalize your TikTok shop seller profile to include a product catalog and add shoppable tags to your live stream broadcasts.
  • TikTok viewers can shop straight from a merchant’s storefront or click a tagged product in a seller’s TikTok video to be taken to that merchant’s online store to complete their purchase.

TikTok is making a full-fledged foray into the realm of e-commerce. Social commerce sales are fast increasing. According to eMarketer, retail and social commerce sales in the United States will reach $79.26 billion by 2025, so it’s no wonder that TikTok wants to be a part of that.

Part 3. Verify TikTok Contact Information

The TikTok Shop registration process is quite simple. You can sign up using your current TikTok account or create a new TikTok Shop account.

On Desktop:

  • Go to the TikTok Shop Seller Center.
  • Choose the portal from the options of Asia Seller or Europe Seller.
  • After selecting that, choose your country.
  • The next step is to enter your phone number to send a verification code to your number.

To protect the security of your account, TikTok will validate your phone number and email address to ensure that you are the one who created it.

On Mobile:

  • Open the TikTok Seller app on your phone.
  • Sign up with a TikTok account to start a Tiktok Shop using the “Become a Seller” pop-up. You can also sign up with your phone number and email address.
  • Fill in some needed personal details, such as your phone number, email address, and other information.
  • Fill up the TikTok Shop Seller Center profile as desired, from the store’s name to the type of business you operate.
  • Click the “Continue” button.

Once all of your data has been verified, you may utilize your TikTok Shop Seller Center to make sales online at TikTok Shop.

Part 4. TikTok Seller Center Interface

The Seller Center offers many useful tabs and features to help the merchant in their e-commerce journey. You will be able to upload your product information and list them for display to users once you have successfully registered as a Merchant on the TikTok Shop. If you do not provide complete and correct descriptions of your products to buyers before and after a sale, it is considered a major breach of terms.

So, here is what the TikTok Seller Center offers in terms of features for the merchants. Explore them to gain knowledge on how you could start selling on TikTok Shop as well to expand your profits:

1. Homepage

The homepage will give you an overview of your shop, including any pending orders, return pending orders, out-of-stock SKUs, and quality check failed products.

2. Products

In the Products section, you can list your products by adding their titles, and descriptions and choosing their category from the dropdown menu. After that, you need to upload high-quality images that show your products clearly.

3. Orders

In the orders section, you can manage all the orders that you receive from your customers. Sellers are required to process orders within 72 hours of the order being received. The orders are categorized based on what is unpaid, to be shipped, completed or canceled. In the second section, you can manage returns.

4. Shipping

When a customer makes an order, the shipping process begins. Sellers can use their own logistics partner or use TikTok Shop’s logistics services (only applicable in selected markets). Bulk shipping is another great feature to ship bulk orders. After receiving the order, the seller should start packing their products for shipping. The seller should make sure that the order status on the Seller Center is updated to “Shipped” within 120 hours after the order is paid by the customer.

5. Promotions

In the Promotions tab, you get two sections; Campaigns and Sales Promotions. In the Sales Promotions section, sellers can offer a product discount, flash deal, shipping fee discount, or any coupon. These promotions are particularly useful when enticing the customer with your products.

In the Campaigns section, sellers can introduce major campaigns, everyday campaigns, or special campaigns.

There are certain requirements before launching any promotion. First you need to set a launch date, so that the buyers will be able to see when the promotion will be active. You have to determine the duration of the promotional campaign as well. Next you need to choose the products which you want to include in the promotion and set up the deal price you’re offering.

While adding discounts, sellers can offer two types, the first one is a certain percentage off (like 10% off) and the second option is to have a fixed price discount. For example, the seller can offer $299 for a certain product as compared to the previous $499.

You may use TikTok Shop Data to send any direct marketing or promotional messages or communications to a User by email or any other mode of direct communication with a User. The Platform’s messaging capabilities may not be used for any marketing or promotional objectives.

6. Finance

The Finance tab helps the seller manage their withdrawals and earnings. The seller needs to click on the Withdraw button to withdraw the amount. Once the withdrawal application is submitted, the withdrawal amount will arrive around 5 working days. This can vary depending on processing of the bank, the specific country or region, or if there are any ongoing holidays. There is also a rule that sellers can only make one withdrawal in a day.

Below you can see the history of all your withdrawals and earnings. You can always export the data to have a record with you as well.

7. Data Compass

In the Data Compass, you get four sections; Data Overview, Creator Analytics, Today’s Live Streams, and Livestream’s Analytics. The Data Overview page is divided into two parts: Data Overview and Trends. The Data Overview section shows a live data graph on the left side, and an overview of product views, product reach, customers, sales, and orders on the right side.

In the Trends section below, you can see an overview of your generated revenue, the number of buyers, orders, and visitors. The graph given below would also depict the same change. You can always change the time duration to see the performance in that given time period.

8. Help Center

The sellers can use Help Center to raise tickets regarding any issue they’re facing. They can check the status of each ticket whether it’s open or resolved and check details of the action taken by the Seller Center.


In 2022, everyone has found out that promoting and marketing their products on social media platforms is the most important rule for running a successful business and reaching a larger audience. The TikTok Shop Seller Center has its features for the merchants to market their products and increase their earnings. Learn the benefits of TikTok Shop and explore the many features of the platform to enjoy a seamless experience.

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