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TikTok is the next-generation marketing tool, with all the visual content, video, and interactive features you need to engage audiences to grow your business.

TikTok, having numerous video editing features, now comes with a really interesting feature dedicated to marketing and creativity. TikTok Creative Center is a free source for business. You can discover the latest trends, stories, and tools to create the best performing TikTok tools for creativity.

In this guide, we will look at what the TikTok Creative Center is. We will also look at how you can access and what are the benefits of using TikTok Creative Center. Furthermore, we will also explore all the fun and useful features of the TikTok Creative Center. Let’s look into the details.

Part 1. What Is TikTok Creative Center?

As the name suggests, TikTok Creative Center is a platform dedicated solely to creativity. It assists businesses in identifying top-performing advertisements, and you can also utilize trending videos in a variety of geographies and demographics. This tool has a number of features and settings that you can use to design trendy but original ads that will help your company stand out. If you’re looking to use TikTok for brand marketing, this specialized tool for advertisements is ideal.

The following are the key features of the TikTok Creative Center:

  • Top Ads: It is a tool that gives an overview of top-performing ads and the creative trending ads across multiple regions
  • Popular Trends: This section shows the interactive hashtags that spot the weekly and monthly popular trends on TikTok
  • Showcases: It highlights the success stories from a diverse set of advertisers.

This creative tool is perfect for learning about current TikTok video trends and styles. Looking at the data insights can even help you boost your creative ad. You can also analyze the ads that are working well in your vertical or locations. If you have a Business Account, you can visit TikTok Creative Center to see the most recent trending inspiration from the Business Creative Hub.

Part 2. Benefits of TikTok Creative Center

TikTok since its beginning has various unique features that are specifically designed for video content. As of now, TikTok has been used as a marketing tool. The TikTok Creative Center allows you to create creative ads for your brand and products. TikTok Creative Center has the following benefits that help you in the promotion and growth of your business:

  • Provides in-depth information

The insight can indicate the success or failure of an ad or campaign. The TikTok Creative Center allows you to see all of your ad’s insights as well as the insights of other popular advertisements.

  • Free source for creating ads

TikTok Creative Center is a free source that you can use to create your ads based on the trend according to specific regions and trending topics.

  • Easy to make ads

By using TikTok Creative Center, you can easily create fun and creative ads. You can use the premade templates as well as customize your own template to make your own video content.

  • A unique way of promotion

The advertising usually needs a specified budget, a specific location, and high-quality cameras for filming. It is not required by TikTok Creative Center. The majority of TikTok’s innovative advertising is created by just using the front or rear camera of a phone. We can safely assume that the TikTok Creative Center ad’s popularity stems from the fact that they casually suggest a product that is highly related to the audience.

A creator can simply show how they utilize a product in their daily life, giving the impression to the audience that they can embrace the product as well.

Part 3. Register and Log in to the Account

When you’re ready, create an ad and post it to TikTok. To get started, you must first establish an account on TikTok Creative Center. It only takes three steps to register and log into a TikTok Creative Center. You can easily create an account, fill it out, and pass the account review. To assist you, we’ve created an account creation walkthrough that walks you through each step of the process. Let’s take a look at the processes for creating a TikTok Business Creative Center account and logging in.

Step 1. Go to https://ads.tiktok.com/business/creativecenter/pc/en?rid=kedh487olk and click on login.

Step 2. Using an email address or phone number, verify your login information.

Step 3. Agree to TikTok Ads terms and conditions, and then click “Sign Up“.

You will be landed on the TikTok Creative Center Homepage.

Part 4. TikTok Creative Center Interface

TikTok Creative Center features a really engaging user interface. There are two aspects to the interface: tools and inspirations. Users can quickly click on these functionalities and use them thanks to the user-friendly design. Let’s take a closer look at each function one by one:


The core features for which TikTok is famous are TikTok Video Editor and TikTok Video Template, which can be found in the tools area. This function allows you to create interesting and unique video advertising for your company’s or brand’s marketing. Let’s take a closer look at these tools.

1. TikTok Video Editor

The video editor allows you to upload any video from your system or even create one on TikTok. The creative and distinctive video edits make it simple to edit your video and create a fun ad that not only promotes your company but also delivers the content in an engaging way.

2. TikTok Video Template

The TikTok Creative Center has many fun, creative, unique, and catchy video templates. The pre-loaded template can easily be applied to TikTok Videos.

You can customize the template as well as per your requirements by applying the basic filter of industries regions and video duration, and your own TikTok video ad is ready to grab attention. This template allows you to fully customize the videos including filters, text, audio, and transition effects.

3. Audio Library

You can use the Audio Library feature to add a soundtrack to your videos. To make your video more engaging, you can select a variety of pre-cleared music. You can even add multi-dimensional filters such as the religion, themes, genre, mood, and duration of the audio.


The inspiration tab in TikTok creative center is your ultimate muse. You can find the number of interesting features here divided into three sections:

1. Trend Discovery

Trend discovery, as the name implies, shows the most popular user-generated content. It displays all of the trending material in real-time across all areas. The rendering material and hashtag may be simply viewed, and it varies daily, weekly, or monthly. The Trend Discovery tab helps you in taking unique and trending ideas for business. It displays all the trending videos and you can search them by selecting songs, hashtags, creators, and TikToks.

2. Top Ads

One of the best aspects of TikTok Creative Center is the Top Ads feature. Campaigns may be filtered by region, industry, campaign objective, reach, and engagement criteria.

The top Ads has a very amazing characteristic, About this Ad that includes information about the creator, the ad’s performance, and the ad caption keywords. It genuinely provides an in-depth analysis of advertisements.

You can also see the useful frame graph, which clearly indicates the click-through rate for each second. It allows you to quickly determine when the majority of the audience has stopped watching the video.

3. Showcase

The TikTok Creative advertising showcase function shows all of the case study databases. All of the videos, as well as creative highlights and basic campaign information, are included in the Showcase. The data on the showcase helps you in creating high-performing advertisements. You can look at and compare the current performance of your advertising to get a better understanding of how you can enhance them for greater visibility and marketing of your business.


To sum up, we’ve looked into TikTok Creative Center in detail so far. TikTok Marketing tools provide a lot of intriguing and unique features. It has not only made it easy to generate content for your business and marketing, but it has also transformed the game of advertising by allowing you to make entertaining, creative, and simple advertisements. Making an advertisement no longer needs a large advertising budget and sufficient setting. Simply select the genre that best suits the target demographic, write a script that is relevant to the brand, take out your phone, and start filming the ads. Yes, it is that much simpler and more enjoyable.

You may design your own unique ad on TikTok Creative center by using a wide variety of video editing options. You can also obtain real-time analytics and CTR for every second of your video to better understand your audience and their preferences. What could be better?

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