A Complete Guide for Tiktok Ads

Apart from being a popular video-sharing app, TikTok has also become an advertising platform where you can launch your brand and engage the target audience. TikTok advertising is a vast spectrum where you can choose the type of ads and make various marketing campaigns according to your requirements.

This article will guide you about TikTok ads, measuring their performance, setting up campaigns, and bringing improvement in all the tasks.

Part 1. 2022 TikTok Ads statistics

In recent years, no one can ignore the popularity of TikTok, and most businesses have taken advantage of it; here, you can see the statistics of TikTok ads for the year 2022.

While compared to the last year, the quarterly increase shows impressive growth and data publications. The TikTok ads have increased to 7.3% in just 3 months. According to the report, more than 60 million users are being added to TikTok, and it means approximately 8 new users sign up each second.

Demographics of TikTok ads

Below, the demographics also show that more than 57% of TikTokers are females who are 18+. It gives you an idea about the age of your audience. Mostly, the users are from the younger generation, whose age group is from 18-to 24. Approximately 43% of the total users are 18+ and more of the whole audience. `

Reach rate of TikTok ads to 18+ audiences

It is exciting to see which countries are receiving the earliest updates regarding the advertisements on TikTok. Below, the figure shows the obvious success of TikTok ads in the Middle East region along with South-Eastern Asia for 18+ audiences.

Collaboration with the TikTok influencers or creators for increasing the ad recall by more than 27%

The marketing of your products from the TikTok influencers can deliver the desired results. Partnership with them is always helpful in terms of ad recall.The brands should keep in mind the creation of ads on TikTok by an influencer as part of a marketing campaign.

Part 2. Types of TikTok Ads

The types of TikTok ads are as follows:

In-feed Ads

These are the ads that you mostly see on TikTok. These ads are present whenever you scroll from your own “For you” page, and they are visible on the full screen along with the embedment of sound and local content. At some moment, you cannot differentiate these ads from normal videos visible in the feed.

In-feed ads allow you to invest in your brand and proceed with engaging videos along with the TikTok in an organic manner. This methodology is great for posting the sponsored videos consistently and maintaining the content like other posts.

Top-view ads

This type is a famous option for most brands and marketers. The ad format is based on the video, where you can show your creativity whenever the user opens the TikTok app. This option is available at the top of the “For you” section.” The total duration of the ads is 60 seconds, and a preview of 3-5 seconds is visible on the screen when the app opens. To grab the user’s attention, you can add an engaging narration and pleasant addition of the sound.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

The format of this ad is quite engaging, which helps the user to showcase their creative skills. There is also the possibility of inviting more users as the participants in the hashtag challenge. The branded hashtag challenge helps in reaching more audiences as far as they are using the hashtag. This type of ad has generated extraordinary marketing campaigns. Marketing experts state that branded hashtag challenges are a quick way to promote your product. In addition, by creating challenges, promotions on TikTok are easier and take less time to become viral.

Carousel Ads

This type of ad allows the user to add approximately 10 images and different captions in one ad. It is a complete canvas for the users to show all their creativity. You can use every frame for storytelling in the form of captions and images. The Carousel Ads also highlight every important detail of your product.

Branded Effect ads

Its functionality is similar to the filters you apply on different social platforms. The augmented reality feature is available for the users to apply and post the videos on TikTok. The main objective of this ad type is to create awareness about the brand.

Spark Ad

A spark ad is quite similar to any other sponsored post, except that there are a few differences. The username, profile picture, and music tracks are the same as a regular in-feed video. Viewers can still click through to the original user’s profile page.

The caption will still show up below the Creator’s username, but there will be a small ‘Sponsored’ label above the music track. There is also a Download button that doesn’t appear on regular content. A viewer can click this button to take them to the brand’s campaign landing page, which is created when setting up the Spark ad.

Part 3. TikTok Ads Specification

Here, we will look at the specifications you must fulfill before putting an ad on TikTok. The TikTok Ads specification is listed below in detail:

  • The Aspect ratio is of three categories 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9.
  • Videos work best with the 9:16 ratio.
  • TikTok Ads have two resolutions 540×960 px or 640x 640 px. TikTok videos with 720px resolution work best.
  • TikTok Ads support the following file types: mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • Usually, the TikTok video duration is 5-60 seconds. For the top performance of your Ad, a 21-34 second ad is preferred.
  • 500MB file size is supported
  • The profile square image size must be 50 KB
  • The Brand name must be 2-20 Characters
  • Ad Description must be of 1-100 characters with no Emoji.

SpecificationS for Spark ad on TikTok

  • The aspect ratio, Minimum Resolution, Duration, and File size can be any as per your requirement.
  • Emojis and account mentions are allowed

Note: Character counts are based on Latin characters. For Asian characters, generally, the allowed character count is half.

Part 4: TikTok Ad Cost

The ad type you choose is the biggest factor in how far you can stretch your budget. Ad objectives, bidding methods, audiences, and industry also play a role in how far your budget can take you. The cost of many TikTok ads can range from $50,000 to $120,000, depending on the ad format and duration. While Facebook allows you to start a campaign for as little as $1, TikTok requires a minimum $500 campaign budget.

Another important consideration when establishing a campaign budget for TikTok is that, unlike Facebook and Google, TikTok doesn’t use cost per click as a metric. Instead, the platform uses a cost per mille (CPM), which translates into the cost per 1000 views. TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM, so it is possible to keep costs relatively low. On the other hand, a Branded Hashtag Challenge may require up to $150,000 to get featured on TikTok For You page.

TikTok accepts payments for ads when the users connect their credit cards and debit cards. After that, the payment is automatically deducted as per the set budget of the campaign.

Part 5. Set up TikTok Ads Campaign

The creation of an ad on TikTok comprises three major steps. First is creating the campaign, an ad group, and finally, the real ad.

1. Setting up the campaign

The campaign’s setting is the initial step that has to be followed for creating the TikTok ads. In this section, you have to mention your campaigns’ objectives, name, and budget. The campaign’s objectives consist of the installation of the application, conversions, reaching the audience, traffic, and views of the video. Follow all the steps below to set up the campaign of TikTok ads.

Step 1. Click on “Campaign” after logging into your TikTok ads manager that is displayed on the top of the web page. Now click on “create,” as you can see in the figure below.

Step 2. Now, you need to select the objective of your campaign. This shows which action you want the audience to take, as it is necessary to select the correct objective for generating the required result from the campaign.

The category of campaign objectives is in three parts: awareness, consideration, and conversion, as you can see in the above figure. You can simply set up 999 campaigns just from your single TikTok account. Now your process about the campaign is finished here.

2. Creating your ad group

This group particularly includes the details of the ads, including placements, optimization of the goals, the budget of the campaign, bids, and target audiences.

Selecting the placements of the ads

It includes where your ad will be visible on TikTok. There are two options available regarding the placing of ads. The first is to tell TikTok to place your ad, or TikTok itself will choose for you. This is known as automatic placement. It helps optimize the delivery of your ads in various locations so you can receive the particular objective of your campaign.

Selecting the desired creativity

This feature is helpful in terms of making different combinations of your ad creative. It includes images, text for ads, and videos for the explanation.

Targeting the audience from TikTok ads

In this step, you need to select the audience whom you have targeted for your campaign. TikTok facilitates the customization and Lookalike audience features similar to Facebook. It is easy to target the audience from their geographical locations and devices, and it consists of age, interests, gender, language, device, and location.

Customizing the target audience is dependent on the customer file (CSV file, Zip, or TXT), engagement of the audience with the ads, impressions, activity on the application, and actions related to the traffic towards the website ( clicks on the button, purchases, submission of the form).

Setting up the schedule and campaign

You can mention the budget of your ad in this section. There are various options available for setting up the budget, such as on a daily basis or once in a lifetime. The schedule consists of starting and ending timings of the ads. You can even select the dates as well or keep running them continuously according to your requirements. The option of “dayparting” is also available to select the particular timings to run the ads in a single ad. Its range is from 30 minutes to the whole day.

Setting up the bidding and optimization

It includes the selection of the bidding procedures and options for optimization. You can add the links to track third parties. This assists you in monitoring the overall performance of your TikTok ad. There are three types of optimization goals conversion, click and reach, and select any one of them for your campaign.

Options available in the section:

  • There is an option of smart optimization that makes you select the optimization of the events and deliver them smartly. As the recommendation, it is better to use this option as it can help you with the conversions.
  • The bid strategy is about controlling your costs according to the results when you are in standard bid mode. This provides you an assurance that the result of your ads is in the range of your bid.
  • A bidding option is also available, so you can pay the amount of your 1000 impressions for the single click or conversion. The system of TikTok starts delivering the ads according to the bids.
  • The type of delivery consists of two formats that are standard and accelerated. You can select the option of standard delivery when you are spending evenly throughout the campaign. The option of accelerating delivery means spending the budget in a short time.

Part 6. Measuring TikTok ads’ performance

To measure your TikTok ads’ performance, you need to consider some metrics. But before proceeding towards it, first, you need to analyze the performance of your TikTok marketing campaign.

Analyzing the performance of the TikTok marketing campaign:

  • For this, you need to do these two things: first is to decide about the metrics for the measurement.
  • Gather all the metrics in a single report

Selection of the metrics:

By knowing how your target audiences receive your content, you can create better content. The performance metrics you can track on TikTok include:

  • Number of video plays
  • Number of video hearts or likes
  • Number of comments
  • Number of shares
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions, conversion rate, CPC and CPM

Even though the measurement of every metric is very important, good metrics frequently help in reaching your objectives and increasing your performance. For understanding the performance of your ads, keep the checking the following metrics as well:

  • Cost per click🡪 shows how much you have paid for every click in the ad.
  • Click through the rate🡪 shows how many people have clicked on your ad.
  • The cost per adding to the cart🡪 is for tracking when the user intent to buy. It tells about how much you have paid whenever the buyer is adding the items to the cart.
  • Cost per the initiating checkout🡪 informs you about how much you have paid when the buy proceeds towards the checkout.

Tools for measuring the Ads ROI

It is always a good choice for investing in tools that can measure the Ads’ ROI. Of course, this will lead your marketing campaign towards success. Manually, there is no possibility of monitoring the campaigns on an individual basis and tracking the results. Have a look at the tools to measure the ads’ ROI:

  • Google Analytics: This tool is leading because it presents you with an overview of your SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. It always shows the data that you need to bring improvement to your marketing campaign.
  • MarketingCloudFX: It is also among the best ROI tools that can assist in tracking the performance of digital marketing. This is the complete tool for you to collect all the important information that is helpful in decision-making regarding the marketing campaigns.
  • Cyfe: The special feature of Cyfe is that all the widgets are already built-in. It is your own choice which one you want to include and monitor. Whether it is tracking social media platforms or SEO, Cyfe allows you to track every metric regarding your campaigns. The whole compilation of the data for making decisions about the marketing strategy.
  • Kissmetrics: It is one more ROI tool that keeps monitoring the behavior of the user who is visiting your website. The main task of this tool is to gather the important analytics so you receive the desired results. It can track the views of the page, bounce rates, and time spent on the website. Kissmetrics is also a tool that can measure your efforts in marketing campaigns to increase your sales.

Part 7. How to improve the performance of TikTok Ads?

For improving the performance of TikTok Ads, follow the below tips to receive the effective results:

  • Check your ads performance regularly and find out what is working and not working.
  • You have to grab your audience’s attention. Keeping them hooked can bring improvement in the whole performance of your TikTok Ad.
  • Keep in mind that your viewers are viewing millions of ads whenever they open the TikTok application. Always think out of the box, but the duration of the video shouldn’t be more than one minute. Less the duration of the video, the more viewers are engaged with it.
  • Look for what is trending in recent days. It can be some dance moves, video effects, or some challenges. It can be an opportunity for you as your brand can get some attention.

Part 8. Case Study | Best TikTok Ads Examples:

Haier Japan

The main point to observe in their ad is the synchronization of the lips along with the music. The role of music is very important in all TikTok videos. In the whole video, the visuals and audio are coordinated with one another to reach the main objective.


HelloFresh is a meal delivery service, and its authenticity can be seen in its TikTok ads. Apart from being visually appealing, they are showing the logo prominently in the first seconds and want you to feel natural. The whole approach is highly effective, and its simplicity is pleasant to watch.


Dermalogica is a beauty brand that displays the videos in the form of instructions as it is perfect for the advertisement. The video reflects on the simple steps of applying the product to the skin, and this is the right way to tell the customers about the features and functionalities of the products in an effective manner.


Without any doubt, TikTok is the biggest platform for advertising your brand these days. TikTok advertising is extremely useful for businesses. More than 90% of TikTokers are spending almost 52 minutes on the application every day. The above guide explains the types of TikTok Ads, setting up your campaigns, and how you can monitor your performance for better results.

For promoting your brand, just sign up for the TikTok for Business account in a few clicks, and all the options are available on your screen. So get started!

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