Deep Reviews | Best 11 SEO Shopify Experts in 2022


Nowadays, lots of manufacturers and startups use Shopify to build their eCommerce websites. In this way, your products and services can be sold to users all around the world.

However, all beginnings are hard. If you are not familiar with Shopify and SEO running logic, you may spend time, energy, and capital on invalid things.

Therefore, looking for an SEO Shopify expert to solve your problems may be more effective.

Below, I sort out the 5 best Shopify SEO expert teams and the 5 best Shopify specialists for you. Keep Reading on!

Part 1. Who am I?

This is Eva, who has worked in Google Search Engine Optimization for about 2 years. During this time, I work hard to master all the SEO processes and knowledge frames. And my blog aims to share some findings and thoughts about my work. It can both help me summarize my career and inspire those who are in the same field as me. You can follow my twitter: and communicate with me on the platform.

Alt: Eva

Part 2. Evaluation Aspects

To provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy results. I am going to review the Shopify experts in the following 5 aspects:

  • Work Portfolio
  • Service Scope
  • Pricing
  • Industry Review
  • User Case

Don’t say much, let’s get to know the top 5 SEO Shopify expert team now.

Part 3. Top 5 SEO Shopify Expert Companies

1. Expert Village

Expert Village is a team of Shopify design and development experts. It is based in the USA and India. It has over 10 years of experience. There are 30 team members serving more than 2000 clients.

Alt: Expert Village

Work Portfolio

They have experience in Fashion clothing, Jewelry, Beauty, Fitness, Watches, Lifestyle, Hair Extensions, Kids, Food, and Drinks. You can check the portfolio later.

Service Scope

Expert Village Shopify or Shopify Plus agency can help you to design and develop your Shopify store. Their services guarantee you a world-class design, bilingual store, and mobile-friendly experience. And a project manager will supervise and feedback the whole project.

Besides the Shopify design and development service, it also provides SEO service. It may include blog posting, page optimization, social bookmark, RRS pings, deep-link builder, etc.

Alt: SEO service


Since it is a customizable service, Expert Village does not mention the specific price. It will quote according to your demand. You can contact them directly.

User Case

You can find the customer review section on the website easily. But I think it has little reference. Just check their cooperated websites to know the website design, structure, and performance to measure the results.

Let’s analyze one of the most successful user cases: RADHA BEAUTY. It is a beauty-related website selling organic and natural skincare products. The website starts in the year 2016. And about 6 years have passed, according to Ahrefs, its domain rating is 40, and the organic traffic is about 2,800 every month.

Industry Review

From Clutch data, Expert Village Media Technologies focus mostly on eCommerce development and web design of enterprises.

Alt: Clutch Rate

According to Trustpilot, there are 5 reviews on Expert Village Media, and the total rate for it is 4.1.

Alt: Trustpilot Rate

Brief Summary

Expert Village is focused on Shopify store design and development. And there is little about the SEO service. That means their SEO marketing capability is limited to some extent.

2. Whitecap SEO

Whitecap SEO has been an eCommerce focused SEO agency since 2012. It aims to provide tailored support to maximize clients’ search engine rankings, traffic, and sales. Based in the US, its team consists of 10 Shopify SEO experts.

Alt: Whitecap SEO

Work Portfolio

Whitecap SEO expert agency has provided service to Food and Drink, Clothing, Fashion, Health, Beauty, Home, Garden, and other industries. You can find more by checking its Work page.

Service Scope

According to Whitecap SEO, their services include the analysis phase and core SEO work.

Analysis phase:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Scorecard
  • SEO Roadmap

Core SEO work:

  • Targeted keyword research
  • Web page optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Site architecture restructuring
  • Blog content creation
  • Inbound link building


They mentioned a cost scope. You can either contact them for details or refer to the following pricing list. The starting price for SEO is $3,300 per month. You can scale up based on your needs.

Alt: Whitecap SEO Pricing

User Case

One of the most successful works of Whitecap SEO is Ghirardelli. Referred to Ahrefs, the domain rating for the website is 72. And its monthly organic traffic is 187,000. The total traffic value is $136,000. It is a very successful case.

Industry Review

There is no data on Trustpilot and Clutch. You can see reviews on Whitecap SEO in the Shopify experts. The total rating is 5 stars.

Brief Summary

Based on the above analysis, Whitecap SEO focuses more on SEO services than Shopify design and development. You can take it into consideration when you need professional SEO services to boost your rankings and traffic.

3. Whole

Founded in 2012, Whole Design Studios is a Shopify design and marketing agency. Its team contains over 35 designers and marketers. They cooperate with over 100 brands including retail brands, wholesale brands, existing brands and new brands.

Alt: Whole Design Studios

Work Portfolio

Whole Design Studio has experience in Accessories, Apparel, Art, Bags, Cosmetics, Home Wear, Jewelry, Maternity, and other industries. You can go to their Shopify case study.

Service Scope

There are various marketing services for Shopify stores. Clients can choose Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Email marketing, SEO, and CRO services according to their demands.

In fact, SEO marketing needs to build its matrix. Combining SEO, SEM, and social media marketing, you can get your brand exposed and your traffic boosted in the shortest time.

As for SEO service, Whole Shopify agency provides keyword research, site architecture, on-page SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, and backlinks building.


The SEO cost of Whole starts from $699 per month. Its pricing plan is based on the number of “Action Items” they perform every month. Check the Whole Action Item list. There are no hidden fees or hourly rates. I check the action item, the package includes one piece of content publication and about 5 backlinks.

User Case

In its Jewelry cooperated case, Charlotte, one of Whole’s Shopify SEO experts, reported a 79% increase in organic traffic.

Alt: Organic Traffic Increase

Industry Review

According to Trustpilot, there are 2 reviews for Whole Design Studios. And the total grade is 3.8.

Alt: Trustpilot Ratings

Brief Summary

Whole Design Studios is a comprehensive Shopify marketing agency. It provides not only marketing services, but also web design and development services. Pick whatever you need. From their official website, I think their expertise is better than the previous two.

4. Outerbox

Headquartered in Ohio, Outerbox was established in 2004. It focuses on designing, developing, and promoting websites. There are over 85 experts in Outerbox.

Alt: Outerbox

Work Portfolio

The services of Outerbox are distributed in Accessories, Home, Health, Food, and so on. You can check its work portfolio. They have served a large number of accessory partners. So I think their strength lies in the accessory industry.

Service Scope

In brief, Outerbox can help you in website designing and development. Except that, its main business is SEO(organic searches) and SEM (paid searches).


You need to fill in your basic info to get an estimated quote.

User Case

Here I take one of Outerbox’s clients as an example: Warehouse Lighting. Ahrefs shows that its domain rating is 37. And the monthly organic traffic is 121,000. Good job!

Alt: Warehouse Lighting Ahrefs Data

Industry Review

Outerbox has gained awards of Inc.500, being the top 500 fastest-growing companies in America. Besides that, Outerbox is one of the excellent Google partners.

Alt: Outerbox Awards

From Clutch Analysis, there are 5 reviews for Outerbox, and its score is 4.9. The chart shows that SEO services dominate 85% of the service line. It provides services to both manufacturing clients and eCommerce clients.

Alt: Clutch Outerbox data

Brief Summary

Based on the above investigation, Outerbox is good at SEO service. And it knows how to build a good brand of its own. It shows all awards to prove it is a trustworthy partner. So I think it will be. One weakness compared with Whole Design Studios is that it does not provide social media marketing services.

5. Figment

Founded in 1999 by Steve Grant, Figment is skilled at increasing visibility, boosting inquiries, and increasing sales. It is composed of 13 experts from web design, web development, SEO to PPC.

Alt: Figment

Work Portfolio

From the provided study case, you will know its business covers IT, Beauty, Sports and Health, Home and Garden, Dental, Office, Jewelry, etc

Service Scope

Figment SEO service may include on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page SEO aims to improve page title, description, URL, image, content, speed, and more. While off-page SEO will make manual outreach, link baits, guest posting, and business citation to establish brand equity and reputation.


Like many other Shopify SEO companies, you need to submit your info to request a quote.

User Case

PC Docs is one of the most successful clients of Figment. According to Ahrefs data, the domain rating for the site is 28. Its monthly organic traffic is 442.

Alt: PC Docs Ahrefs Data

Industry Review

From the Clutch review, there are 8 comments for Figment in total. And the score is 4.4. Its service line is composed of SEO, web design, and web development for small businesses.

Alt: Clutch Review

Brief Summary

From my perspective, after rechecking its website, Figment’s strengths are not obvious in the SEO field. I think they can help you in well-structured site, but its content capabilities seem to be weak.

Editor’s Pick

I have dug deeply into the above 5 Shopify SEO experts. From their work portfolio, user cases, and third-party reviews, Whole, Outerbox, and Whitecap SEO are recommended. You can contact them for deeper details.

But always take care of the following four points:

  • Whether the Shopify experts have relevant industry experience or not?
  • What is its work?
  • Does it provide the services you need or not?
  • How do you feel when you contact them?

Briefly, your choice should be based on your conditions.

Part 4. Top 6 Shopify Experts Mastering SEO

1. Shopify Twitter Account

Alt: Shopify Twitter Account

2. Style Factory Twitter Account

Alt: Style Factory Twitter Account

3. Chris Long

Alt: Chris Long Twitter Account

4. Lorenbaker

Alt: Lorenbaker Twitter Account

5. George Nguyen

Alt: George Nguyen Twitter Account

6. Supple Digital

Alt: Supple Digital Twitter Account

People Also Want to Know

1. What does a Shopify expert do?

A Shopify expert needs to be familiar with Shopify eCommerce platform. That is the basics! Besides that, he or she knows how to pick products matching customer demands, and drive traffic to the eCommerce shop through all kinds of methods, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads, SEO, and so on.

2. What is the best way to SEO a Shopify website?

SEO means to rank your page in the top Google SERPs to drive organic traffic to your Shopify stores. In this case, your content and authority of products and services will be of utmost importance. It is the same as a blogging website.

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