6 Steps to Pick the Best Shopify SEO Expert


It is common for companies that are unfamiliar with Shopify and search engine marketing to find a Shopify SEO expert for help. To hire a Shopify SEO agency, you don’t want to pay for things that don’t work. So the article aims to solve your confusion about methods to pick the best Shopify SEO expert. You can confirm your desired SEO Shopify agency. Let’s get started!

Part 1. Who Am I?

This is Eva, who has worked in Google Search Engine Optimization for about 2 years. During this time, I work hard to master all the SEO processes and knowledge frames. And my blog aims to share some findings and thoughts about my work. It can both help me summarize my career and inspire those who are in the same field as me. You can follow my Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvaChen67936203 and communicate with me on the platform.


Part 2. 5 Steps to Choose A Satisfying SEO Shopify Expert

1. Think and confirm the services you need

Thinking clearly about what you want must be the first step. In the digital marketing world, there are varieties of online marketing methods, such as Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. You need to kindly consider what will be the best marketing method at this stage.

For example, some Shopify eCommerce starters need the traffic to verify their products in the beginning. At the time, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Youtube Ads will be good options. Because ads are the quickest way to see results and performance. But keep it in mind, define your target audience before launching the ads. It will cut down your cost to the largest extent. For those Shopify merchants who have met growth neck and want to build their own brand, SEO and daily social media updating will be more important.

So seriously consider what you need at the stage.

2. Google the “Best Shopify SEO Expert”

When you search for the “Best Shopify SEO Expert” in Google, there will be numerous results. You don’t need to check all, only check the results on the first page.

After inputting the keywords, Google and most users think Whitecap SEO, Outerboxdesign, WebFX are good choices. And Fivver also provides the SEO Shopify expert list. Then you can click the site to check their service scope and study their industry case.

Search Result
Search Result

3. Check the service scope.

Usually, search engine marketing includes SEO and Google Ads. In other words, search engine marketing aims to help you get both organic and paid traffic.

In this case, if you only need organic traffic, you can choose Shopify SEO company that provides the matching services like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Well, have a question on SEO service scope? The following are good illustrations.

  • On-page SEO: It points to the content originality, keywords, title, URL, description, images, and everything that appears on the page. Kindly note! If your content is plagiarized and can be detected by Google, you lose the game from the start. No matter how good you have done in other on-page elements.
  • Off-page SEO: It means you need to get many links from relative and authoritative websites to prove your page is good. Kindly note! Domain diversity and authority are more important than quantity.
  • Technical SEO: It refers to the site’s health. Pay attention to the page crawling, indexing, page speed, and site errors. It will help your SEO growth.

A Shopify SEO expert should master the Shopify system and be good at SEO marketing. That can be a perfect match.

4. Check the industry expertise of the Shopify SEO expert

Some may neglect the importance of industry expertise. Actually, if the Shopify SEO expert has successful experience in your industry. In a sense, this cooperation has a higher possibility of success.

Therefore, when checking the industry expertise, you need to check the user case in your industry. It might be beauty, accessories, sports, health, and the like.

5. Look at the reviews for the Shopify SEO agency

Reviews from the third party imply objectivity to a large extent. Where can you check the third-party review?

Well, you can go to Clutch, a B2B rating, and review platform.


You can also trust Trustpilot, a review platform open to everyone. After inputting the company name, you will see the reviews for the Shopify SEO company.


Besides that, some Shopify SEO agencies may get some authoritative awards. These awards can also show the capability of the Shopify SEO company.

6. Negotiate on pricing and other terms

I believe that before you reach out to the Shopify SEO expert, you must have calculated and set your budget. After your investigation of the Shopify SEO platforms, write down 3 of your preferences and contact them directly to negotiate the payment terms, performance terms, privacy terms, non-competition terms, etc.

Through commmuication, you will find that some SEO Shopify agencies tend to respond positively, while others reply slowly. To some extent, it means a positive or negative attitude toward cooperation.

Attitude is important! But more importantly, you need to strive for terms to protect your rights and interests. For example, a non-competition contact will prevent Shopify SEO agency to take advantage of your business. Besides, a privacy agreement prohibits a company to disclose your information.

Part 3. People Also Want to Know

1. How much does Shopify SEO cost?

According to Outerbox design, SEO pricing can range from $1000 to $10000 depending on the SEO actionable actions.

2. How to become a Shopify expert?

First of all, you need to define your region. A Shopify expert can be professional in Shopify store design, development, marketing, etc. It is awesome to be an almighty expert. If you cannot, just focus on one field.

Second, learn and master the skills. In the fastest-growing generation, by learning and improving the skill autonomously, you will not fall into disuse.

Thirdly, build your personal brand and reach out to your customers. You can find your customers through Upwork, PPH, Fivver, Guru, etc. At the same time, Quora and Reddit are good places to solve your clients’ problems.

Last but not least, provide service exceeding the client’s expectations. It will help in Word-of-Mouth propagation.

To Sum Up!

This article has guided you to pick out the most matching and best Shopify SEO expert for your business. Hope you have confirmed your cooperative Shopify SEO expert after reading the blog. Wish you good luck.

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