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Voice Changer Software for Chrome/PC/Mac

Are you a gamer who perhaps wants to stream in different voice effects? Or maybe an influencer who wants to pitch the voice by multiple octaves? If so, then voice changer software is the perfect way to do so.

As you would already know, voice changer software is employed by users to impersonate voices. Simply put, it can change your voice in such a way that even your near ones would get skeptical about your identity.

From PC to Mac, there are various voice changer software available for distinct platforms. Here, we have crafted the list of voice changer software for your guidance:

Best Voice Changer for Chrome

1. Clownfish Voice Changer-Chrome Extension: Clownfish Voice Changer (Chrome Extension) is the chrome extension that can change your voice. The extension customizes the sound for web applications that include audio/microphone features (like Skype, Teams, etc.).

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Chromebook and Chrome OS

2. Celebrity Voice Changer-Chrome Extension: Celebrity Voice Changer allows you to transform the voice to that of a celebrity. All you need to do is talk through the microphone, and it will change the voice instantly.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Chromebook and Chrome OS

3. Voice Changer for PC-Chrome Extension: Voice changer for PC is an efficient software that can alter the pitch/tone of users’ voices. It allows you to share the audio on Discord, Skype, Steam, etc.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Chromebook and Chrome OS

4. Chipmunk Voice Changer-Online Voice Changer: Chipmunks voice changer is software that can change voice to the high, squeaky, and fun tone of Alvin and the Chipmunks characters.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Chromebook and Chrome OS

5.VoiceChanger.IO: VoiceChanger.IO can change the voice for a pre-recorded or recorded audio file using distinct voice effects. It has several effects like aliens, robots, cartoon characters, etc.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Chromebook and Chrome OS

Best Voice Changer Software for PC and Mac

1. Clownfish Voice Changer (Win & Mac): Clownfish Voice Changer is a system-level software that can change the voice for all installed applications that use a microphone.

Cost: Free

Compatible OS: Windows Vista, 7,8,8.1,10,11

2. Voicemod Voice Changer (Win Only):

Voicemod is a real-time voice changer that can convert voices or add custom sound effects in games and programs. From Among Us to Minecraft, you can use it for numerous popular games.

Cost: Free (Pro version available)

Compatible OS: Windows (MAC to be launched)

3. Voxal Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Voxal voice changer allows you to disguise your voice for any voice-oriented application or game. It has several sound effects, starting from alien to a girl, to use on real-time and existing files.

Cost: Free (Plus versions with a paid license for non-business and commercial use)

Compatible OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1,10,11, Mac OS X 10.5 and above

4. PowerDirector Video Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

PowerDirector video voice changer allows you to change existing sound into a voice of your choice.

Cost: Free (with the advanced paid version)

Compatible OS: Windows and Mac

5. Adobe Audition Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Adobe Audition voice changer is software that can transform the character of a voice or improve the sound quality. From changing pitch to adding echo, it can add numerous voice effects.

Cost: Free trial + paid Adobe Audition pro version

Compatible OS: Windows and macOS 

6. Diamond Voice Changer-AV Voice Changer (Win Only)

Diamond Voice Changer-AV Voice Changer allows you to access and alter the voice attributes. It can make your voice pitch more deep, high, old, young, masculine, or any other way.

Cost: Free trial + paid full license

Compatible OS: Windows Vista, 7,8,8.1,10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

7. Accusonus Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Accusonus Voice Changer is useful for crafting voice effects and converting regular voices into that of a desirable character.

Cost: Free trial + paid version

Compatible OS: Windows 10, 11; MacOS 10.5, 11,12

8. Movavi Video Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Movavi video editor comes with a voice changer that can modify and edit the audio of a video. It also allows you to add filters or alter the voices in the video.

Cost: Free + paid plus version

Compatible OS: Windows and Mac

Part 1. The Meaning of Voice Changer

Clear from the term itself; a voice changer means any device that can alter the voice of a person. It can do so by transforming the tone/pitch or distorting the voice of the user. One of the most common examples of a natural voice changer is the famous musical instrument Kazoo.

This instrument is secured by a thin membrane that instantly vibrates as soon as someone plays it. Once they do so, the vibrating membrane changes the voice of the person, working as a voice changer.

The history of voice changers ranges back from the time when people used small lithium battery-infused devices to impersonate themselves. They attached these devices to the speaker of the phone through which they could talk and transform their voices.

However, with the evolution of technology, voice changers went beyond hardware implementations and became common in software. In this case, manufacturers used various techniques and algorithms to customize the voice. They did so either by transforming the tone or other criteria like pitch and amplitude.

Software voice changers became quite a hit for their easy, efficient, and fast voice transformation. Its ability to transform the voice gender through pitch modification is excellent. Some of the software also come with a voice cloning feature where it can imitate any sound through the recordings.

The transformation of voice through voice changers became common in various movies, television shows, documentaries, etc. You must have seen iconic movies like Screen and Super Troopers.

The technology was used for both these films. Likewise, it’s also known for featuring in Anime/Manga Death Note and video games like Saints Row: The Third.

Voice changer is also common in live-action tv series, animated tv series, and commercials. Its recent use was in the popular Netflix show Money Heist. Remember when the professor talked to the police in different voices. He used a voice changer to do so!

Besides that, a voice changer is also suitable for combating malicious callers, annoying salespeople, and worrying calls. Some people start irritating with recurrent calls when they hear a woman, elderly, or child’s voice on the other side. By using voice changers, you can possibly halt such a nuisance in a blink!

Voice changers are also great for situations that call for disguise. Say to make important inquiries, to look for evidence, or to protect your identity. You can also stall people who disturb you intentionally during busy hours.

Nowadays, voice changers are also popular among YouTube content creators. They use voice changers to camouflage the audio without affecting the video content. These types of voice-changed videos are pretty common in YouTube shorts!

Part 2. How Do We Rate the Voice Changer Software

Being professionals in the tech industry, we have tried and tested numerous voice changer software. Our proficient testers consider relevant aspects, starting from interface to price, to rate these software.

That’s why you can stay assured of the best voice-changing programs recommendations from our side. Let’s brief up through these factors:

#1 Ease and Interface

We sort the voice changer software as per their easy-to-use interface. Voice changer software with a simple user interface does not involve unnecessary elements.

It’s absolutely effortless, user-friendly, and smooth to run by the users. Simply put, it can change the voice or add sound effects to transform the same.

A smooth interface also ensures that users are able to interact with software intuitively. They are also easy to operate and convenient. Our professionals consider the interface as the primary aspect for rating software to meet the user’s expectations and assure a satisfactory experience.

#2 Adjustable Parameters

We also rate the voice changer software through the availability of adjustable elements like voice filters, sound effects, and quality. From chipmunks to aliens, there are several options when it comes to choosing such elements.

However, we prioritize the ones that offer all relevant and efficient attributes with the best interface. Besides, we also look for the quality of the changed audio after the voice conversion.

The one that produces the best quality tops our list. Other than that, we also rate the software as per their pitch and tone.

#3 Reliability

We consider reliability as one of the essential aspects of voice changer software. That’s why we dive deeper into their features to see if they are authentic or not.

We look for any red flags and ensure that it consists of all the essential factors. Besides, we also check the sound filters and effects to stay assured of high-quality audio.

Our professionals use the software themselves to check its operation. We also run software reliability tests viz, feature testing, quality testing, and compatibility testing to ensure it’s perfect to use for all!

#4 Safety

We understand how people are skeptical about the safety and security of their data. That’s why we always check for the safety features of the voice changer software.

We scrutinize the programs for bugs, sensitive data exposure, and broken authentication. If we find any such malware, we rate those software accordingly.

Besides, we monitor online software for any sensitive data leakage or badly coded APIs to avoid data breaches. For the software that offer payment options, we ensure that the gateways are free from credit card fraud. Our list-toppers consist of the safest voice changer software of all time!

#5 Support

It’s common to face problems while using any voice changer software. However, the real problem arises when the support team isn’t strong enough to assist you. That’s why we rate the voice-changing technologies as per their feasibility of customer support.

In simple terms, we look for software that provide instant technical help and advice to the users. We also ensure that they offer 24*7 guidance.

Alternatively, we look for their maintenance support i.e., how often do they fix bugs/queries, update codes, and programs. Our list consists of the top voice changer software with the best functionality, usability, and customer support.

#6 Price

While most voice changer software offer free versions or trials, they also provide premium versions with exclusive features! However, we rate the software that is reasonable yet feature-rich.

We sort through the top-notch voice changer programs and look for the best of both worlds. Besides, we also collate the weekly, monthly, and annual packages along with free trials to check which ones are better.

Part 3. Best Voice Changer for Chrome Extension

There are numerous voice-changing software that are efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use. Some of them also have Google Chrome extensions to help you get the best features online. Moving on, we will go through those voice changers extensions for Chrome in detail:

1. Clownfish Voice Changer-Chrome Extension

If you are looking for an ideal voice changer that has all the features to make the ultimate chrome voice changer, then the clownfish voice changer chrome extension is the one to go for! This extension is efficient for all the applications that use audio and microphone.

For example, you can use it on platforms like Skype, Viber, Teams, Discord, and many others. Note that this extension can only modify the voice for the web version of these applications.

Clownfish voice changer-chrome extension has a plethora of audio effects, starting from aliens and clones to baby and helium. It has a smooth user interface and adequate authenticity to ensure a feasible voice-changing experience.

Besides, it also maintains security by not letting any third party collect/use your data. The software has strong support that instantly replies to your queries. Currently, it has over 50,000 users employing outstanding features!

Cost: Free

Download Clownfish Voice Changer Chrome Extension

2. Celebrity Voice Changer-Chrome Extension

Wondering how to change your voice to that of a favorite celebrity? Go for the celebrity voice changer chrome extension! It’s the first-ever voice-changing software that allows you to convert your voice to any celebrity.

All you have to do is just speak into the microphone, and it will do the job. It doesn’t work randomly by customizing pitch or voice speed and echo effect. Instead, it works by using the real-life voices of celebrities to make them sound as authentic as possible.

Make sure to speak in English, and the software will do the rest. The voice changer is extremely reliable and trustworthy to use.

It follows all the privacy practices to ensure that the software is free from any cyber assaults. Thanks to its strong support, you can reach their professionals for assistance anytime!

Cost: Free

Download Celebrity Voice Changer Chrome Extension

3. Voice Changer for PC-Chrome Extension

Speaking of voice changing Google extensions, the voice changer for pc is one of the best ones of all. It’s a popular software that can modify the audio tone to make it sound different.

The voice changer works with a simple mechanism where you can convert the voice, record it, and share it with others. You can do so either via email or through social media websites like Skype, Steam, Discord, etc.

Like other extensions, this voice changer is safe for use too! The data is not sold to third parties, with certain approved use cases being an exception. It also follows numerous other privacy features to provide a secure experience.

The software comes with strong support where professionals can assist you with questions, problems, and suggestions for any glitches. It’s also top-notch in terms of reliability, usability, and functionality.

Cost: Free

Download Voice Changer For PC

4. Chipmunk Voice Changer-Online Voice Changer

Chipmunk Voice Changer is one of the most fun and amusing software that allows you to change your voice into that of the Chipmunks. Yes, we are talking about the high-pitch, squeaky, and cute voices of the adorable “Alvin and the Chipmunk” characters.

The voice changer comes with a drop-down menu where you can modify the intensity of the voice effect as per convenience. As it’s web-based, you wouldn’t have to download the software to use it.

Simply click on the “record a clip” button to record the audio or upload a readymade one. The voice changer will manage the rest! It comes with an efficient user interface, authenticity, and customer support to ensure the best user experience.

Cost: Free

Download Chipmunk Voice Changer

5. VoiceChanger.IO-Online

Voicechanger.io is a web-based voice-changing software that allows you to transform your voice into different characters. There are options of audio effects like aliens, robots, chipmunks, insects, animals, and many others.

To use this software, you can either upload the audio or use a microphone to record the same. It also provides the option of generating speech from text, where you can get the audio transformation from written texts.

With this voice changer, you can also create a custom voice effect and change the audio into the same. Besides being reliable and having strong customer support, it follows the standard privacy policy to provide a secure voice-changing experience.

Cost: Free

Download Voicechanger.io 

Part 4. Best Voice Changer Software for PC and Mac

Other than the chrome extensions, some of the voice changers also have PC/Mac software versions to help you provide the most efficient voice changing feature. Here’s a quick list:

1. Clownfish Voice Changer (Windows & Mac)

Besides the Google Chrome extension, clownfish voice changer also comes with a system-level application. Here, you can convert your voice for every application that employs a microphone or audio capture device.

So be it Steam and Hangouts or Viber and Mumble, the software is used for all applications. It also comes with a diverse list of voice effects like an alien, atari, female pitch, helium pitch, clone, mutation, baby pitch, and various others.

Additionally, its integration with a music player of enhanced audio control and playlist makes it even better! Plus point? It supports numerous media formats.

The voice changer also consists of a sound player with in-built sounds and management along with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin support. It’s easy to install with a smooth support team to help you with all queries.

Cost: Free

Download Clownfish Voice Changer

2. Voicemod Voice Changer (Win Only)

Are you a gamer/YouTuber who is searching for exclusive voice-changing software to enhance the streaming? Or maybe wondering what voice changer do YouTubers use? If so, then Voicemod voice changer is your answer. It’s got everything you need!

The outstanding software has authentic features like real-time voice changing and custom sound effects to add to the games and programs. This includes CS: GO, Minecraft, Rust, Fortnite, Valorant, TeamSpeak, Among Us, Skype, and many more.

One of the best things about this voice changer is that you can set it up in five minutes. The live voice changers help you make Voice Skins and Voice Avatars for Metaverse and Multiverse platforms.

You can also try real-time recording with the voice changer and edit it with the video later. Overall, it’s the perfect voice changer for Youtube videos. While it doesn’t have a Mac version yet, the publishers are working on the same.

Cost: Free

Download Voicemod Voice Changer

3. Voxal Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

As per the website claims, Voxal Voice Changer is a real-time, powerful voice-changing software with a plethora of audio effects. Its strong vocal effect library consists of sounds like a robot, boy, girl, and many others.

The voice changer is also perfect for gaming and chat, where you can create or use custom voices. Voxal voice changer is compatible with different programs, including CSGO, Skype, and Steam games.

It offers efficient features you can apply effects on existing files or real-time. You can also use the custom hotkeys to switch between different voices/audios. Just follow the three easy steps of downloading, selecting (voice effect), and applying (voice effect), and you are good to go!

Cost: Free version with commercial and home use license

Download Voxal Voice Changer

4. PowerDirector Video Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Powerdirector video voice changer is a video editor with an efficient voice changing feature that allows you to record voice and add a voice-over. Besides allowing you to modify the voice and pitch of a sound, it is also useful for changing the voice. It comes with various adjustable parameters like pitch, scale, speed, loudness, treble, base, etc.

The software comes with distinct sound effects plugins starting from nature to cooking sound, horror sounds, and human sounds. If you are a Powerdirector 365 or Director Suite subscriber, you can download the audio clips from the full-fledged PowerDirector 365 library. It can also you with noise removal from audio clip.

Additionally, it is easy-to-use and feature-rich with strong customer support.

Cost: Free with Lifetime license and subscriptions available

Download Powerdirector Video Voice Changer

5. Adobe Audition Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

If you are looking for a proficient audio workstation with exclusive features, then the Adobe Audition voice changer is the best application of all. It’s an outstanding platform where you can mix, create, and design sound effects.

You can also consider it as a toolset that integrates multitrack, spectral, and waveform display to modify the audio content. Moreover, it also comes with an essential sound panel where you can get professional audio quality. Also, there is Stretch to shortens or extends the audio in comparison to existing audio.

The software is easy to download and install. Simply get the application from the Creative Cloud website, sign in to your Adobe account, and download that’s all! As it has strong customer support of Adobe at the back, you can stay assured of quick guidance with any queries. You can adjust the pitch, quality, strain, and range of audio in this voice editor or changer.

Cost: Free trial + paid plans available.

Download Adobe Audition Voice Changer

6. Diamond Voice Changer- AV Voice Changer (Win Only)

Diamond voice changer allows you to do anything that you like with the audio! You can either morph and record, cut and mix, or customize it whichever way you want.

The best thing about this efficient voice changer is that it helps you modify the audio both in real-time and within waveform editing. Diamond voice changer has efficient features where you can access and customize the voice characteristics.

It can turn your voice deeper, older, higher, lower, feminine, masculine, or however you want. The software comes with numerous voice preferences and voice effects to create a combination that’s a must-have! It has 30 Voice Effects, 70 Background Effects, 17 Non-human Voices, 40 plug-in Audio Effects and more.

You can connect with diverse VoIP programs, web chat applications like Skype, and even role-playing games. As it offers natural voice qualities, you are likely to get a smooth and genuine audio output from the software.

Cost: Free + paid full version with lifetime license

Download Diamond Voice Changer

7. Accusonus Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Accusonus voice changer is one of the best voice changers to craft the perfect and quick voice effects. It comes with the outstanding feature where you can transform regular voices into the characters of your choice. Each voice effect is loaded with a preset process and you can adjust the intensity of it using a single rotary control.

There is an On/Off button that brings the audio effect in and out without affecting the plug‑in latency. You can use distinct voice effects to add dialogue in desirable situations. From Adobe premiere pro and Twitch to Apple logic pro, it’s compatible with various platforms.

It also consists of other features like themed voice effect presets, new preset packs, and many more. Accusonus voice changer is a reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient software for high-quality and convincing voice profiles. It comes with many adjustable parameters like pitch, sound quality, characters voice, and more.

Cost: Free trial + monthly/annual price plans

Download Accusonus Voice Changer

8. Movavi Video Voice Changer (Win & Mac)

Movavi video voice changer is an exclusive feature of the video-editing software Movavi, that lets you bring your creative ideas to life. It has an easy user interface where you can edit and add voice filters to the videos. You can also use this effect as an audio enhancer that clears the voice and maintains a smooth sound.

To use this software, simply download and install the editor, add your video, and make alterations by changing the settings. You can pace up or slow the audio through the speed slider, use fade in/out for fade effects, or add sound effects.

It has various options starting from echo effect to robotic voice effect. Apart from being reliable, genuine, and easy to use, it comes with a support center to guide you through all the processes!

Cost: Free with paid plus versions

Download Movavi Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer for Chrome Extension

For Windows, the best voice changer would be Clownfish voice changer. That’s because it has an easy user interface along with efficient features where you can transform voice in various popular platforms. The list includes programs like Skype, Steam, Hangouts, Discord, etc.

Best Voice Changer for Windows and Mac

PowerDirector is the best voice changer and video editor for Win and Mac. It comes with various adjustable parameters with which you can easily edit audio of video. Also, you can download the audio clips from the full-fledged PowerDirector 365 library. It is best for Window and Mac users as it offers easy to use functions and various audio features.

Comparison Table

Voice Changer Software Ease and Voice Changer Interface Adjustable elements Reliability Safety Support Price
Google Chrome Extensions
Clownfish voice changer-Chrome Extension Easy to use, online access Sound effects like alien, atari, slow/fast mutation, baby, etc. Reliable Does not collect/use the data Good customer support Free
Celebrity Voice Changer-Chrome Extension Easy to use, online access Allows you to change voice to any celebrity voice Some claims of fake celebrity imitations Does not collect/use the data Good customer support Free
Voice Changer for PC-Chrome Extension Easy to use, online access Pitch or tone modification Reliable Does not collect/use the data Good customer support Free
Chipmunk Voice Changer-Online Voice Changer Easy to use, online access Chipmunk audio effects, drop-down menu to adjust intensities Reliable but sometimes it causes trouble to load large files Safe LingoJam Customer Support Free
VoiceChanger.IO-Online Voice Changer Easy to use, online access Different sound effects like telephone, alien, robots,custom voice effects, etc. Limited voice changing options Safe Free
Clownfish Voice Changer Easy to use and download Same as Chrome extension Reliable but not appropriate for professional work Safe as claimed by the website; however some antivirus programs identify it as malware (as per users) Support page to report problems,new ideas, new features, etc. Free
Voicemod Voice Changer Easy to use and download Real time custom sound effects Sometimes weird pop-ups appear Safe Feedback and support page available Free
Voxal Voice Changer Easy to use and download Vocal effect library with robot, girl, boy, echo, atmosphere, etc. Some users complain of losing saved projects. Safe Technical support with video tutorials, troubleshooting, and general support questions Free + paid licenses
PoweDirector Video Voice Changer Easy to use and download Voice over with sound plugins Reliable Safe Support center, learning center, forums, software updates Free + paid lifetime subscriptions
Adobe Audition Voice Changer Some users complain of a confusing UI Create,mix, and design sound effects Reliable Safe Strong support team and help center Free trial+paid plans
Diamond Voice Changer-AV Voice Changer Easy to use but difficult to install Voice characteristics modification (younger, older, feminine, masculine, etc.) Reliable with advanced customisation features Safe Strong customer support with privacy policy Free + paid full version
Accusonus Voice Changer Easy to use and download Regular voice transformation into any imaginable character Reliable but limited effects Safe Good customer support Free trial + monthly and annual price plans
Movavi Video Voice Changer Easy to use and download Speed sliders, fade in/out effects, echo, robotic effects Reliable but slow at times Safe Professional support team, help centers, guidelines, etc. Free+plus plans


As it’s clear from the above guide, there are several voice changer for videos at present. However, despite such options, it’s best to go for the one that’s effective from all sides. Be it reliability, user interface, or features, it should be completely top-notch. Make sure to go through the list and select software that seems genuine to you.

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