2022|How to Use Clipchamp Screen Recorder?

Are you also fed up with using heavy software that needs to be downloaded and consumes most of your Ram to record your screen? And looking for a quick and simple solution? If so, the Clipchamp Screen Recorder would be the perfect solution for this problem.

You can use the Clipchamp online screen recorder on Google Chrome without downloading it. Moreover, you only need to save your personalized settings to it once. After that, you can switch to a new computer, log in, and it will show you your personalized settings and saved files. In other words, you can continue right from your left.

So, to record your screen and camera with a Clipchamp recorder, keep following the steps below.

Part 1. How to Use Clipchamp Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Create A Video

Firstly, create your account on Clipchamp recorder and if you have already created one, log in to it. And go to the homepage. At the top right of the screen, you will see a purple button named ‘Create a Video’. Click on it. It will take you to the Clipchamp recorder’s interface.

Additional Tip: In Clipchamp, for the best output or quality result, you should set your Video’s ratio ideally to 16:9, or if you have a heavy PC, you can also choose the Cinematic mode (21:9). You will find this feature on the top right under the Export button.

Step 2. Go to Record & Create > Screen Recording

Once you have created a new video, you will have a bundle of options on the left side of the screen. Among them, tap on ‘Record & Create.’ After that, click on ‘Screen & Camera’ if you want to record your screen and camera. After clicking on the option, Clipchamp will ask you to grant access to your device’s camera and microphone.

This feature is most useful if you’re in an important meeting where you want to record the content being shared as well as the participants.

The second option is Camera recording. When you click it, it will instantly open your front camera. You’ll see a small note at the bottom of the screen that’ll tell you that recording is limited to 30 minutes.

The third option offers screen recording only. You have the option to record your screen with or without audio.

Once you’ve selected your preferred option, you will see a new Window showing your webcam result and at the bottom of the screen asking for which microphone and Webcam you would like to use for the screen recording. So, simply tap and choose your preferred ones here. Moreover, you will also be getting your camera’s preview on the screen.

After setting your camera and microphone, click on the Red Round button to save these settings and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Choose What You Want to Share

After clicking on the Red Button, a popup window will appear at the top center, asking you what you want to share as the visual of your Video. There will be three different options to choose from. And each of them has its pros, cons, and usability. Therefore, we have discussed all of them one by one below.

1. Entire Screen

By choosing Entire Screen, you will be recording whatever comes on your screen. Either you open your PPT Slides or game or browse randomly. Usually, it is the easiest way to share your screen, especially if you are a beginner, because you will know precisely what you will share with your viewers in the Video.

However, it also has a few drawbacks. For instance, if you open a file containing your passwords or any type of personal data or images, they will also get recorded and shared on Video. Therefore, even though it is easy to operate, it is not always recommended.

2. Window

If you go to Window, it will ask you which one Window or program you want to record. For example, you only wish the Clipchamp recorder to only record Photoshop and nothing else. It would be best if you chose Window here.

Now, suppose you open any software, app, or Window other than Photoshop, like Notepad or your browser. In that case, Clipchamp online screen recorder will still be recording Photoshop and will give no trace of other applications to your viewers.

Therefore, it is an ideal feature for gamers because they do not need to share anything more than a single application. Plus, you can also change it during Recording if you feel like recording another Window. It gives you a lot more privacy and is also much safer to use than sharing an Entire Screen.

3. Chrome Tab

Through Chrome Tab, Clipchamp will only get access to record video only from one particular Chrome Tab. If you select any other tab or program, the online screen recorder Clipchamp will still stick to your chosen Chrome Tab and keep recording it in the background.

Since it only shares one single tab, it is ideal for recording How To Tutorial or guides to follow on Chrome. Moreover, you can also switch the selected Tabs from Clipchamp’s interface each time you feel needed. This way, it might be a little time-consuming. It is common for tutorial creators to use these days.

Step 4. Click to Share

Once you have selected how you want to share the screen, either by Tab, Window, or the entire screen, you will see a button at the Button of the screen labeled ‘Share.’ Click on it, and it will start recording your selected screen. Moreover, it will show you the Window chosen in Clipchamp’s user interface.

Now you can switch to the Window you selected and start doing the stuff you want to record for the video. And when you feel like pausing or ending the recording, simply go back to the Clipchamp Recorder and press the End Button located at the bottom center. Plus, it will also show you the exact total recording period in minutes.

Step 5. Complete the Recording or Retake the Recording

After completing your recording, you will have two options, first would be to ‘Retake recording.’ You should only choose if you are not satisfied with the video you just recorded or made a blunder while recording. This way, you will not be able to save your video, and you will have to follow the above four steps again to restart your Recording on the Clipchamp screen recorder.

Yet, it would be best to keep in mind that you can still edit your recorded Video with Clipchamp. So, if there was a small mistake or error, you can simply edit or cut it out of the scene.

On the other hand, you will see an option to ‘Save and edit.’ If you are satisfied with the Video and believe that slight edits through the Clipchamp recorder would be enough to make it a perfect piece of art, you should go with this option. It will save your video to both your computer and Clipchamp. Moreover, it will keep your screen recording and Facecam videos separately to make them easier to edit throughout the process. Plus, you will also get a backup of your video on your PC for further use.

Step 6. Save and Edit

Finally, after hitting the ‘save and edit’ Button, you will be saving your video in .webm format on your computer. It will also automatically upload the recording to the Clipchamp online screen recorder Library.

Since your Facecam and Screen recording is saved as two different files, it will be easier for you to edit them and add your favorite effects and filters to them. Most recorders record and save both Facecam and screen as a single file. This way, the file’s size maybe a little less. But, they limit your editing, and sometimes, your Facecam screen may also cover an essential part of the screen you wanted to show. Therefore, Clipchamp enables you to move the Facecam with all other basic editing tools freely. You can always use the downloaded files in other video editing software for other advanced effects.


Clipchamp online screen recorder is a perfect solution for almost all screen recording problems most users face. Here, you can record your videos on different aspect ratios and save both your Facecam and Screen recording videos separately.

Recording and saving them in two different files takes a little extra storage and Ram, but since it will give you an endless opportunity of using and editing both videos, it will be worth the sacrifice. Other than that, you can also save your files on the cloud version to access them on a new computer or device whenever you need them without even downloading the video files.

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