Online Clipchamp Review | Evaluate in 4 Comprehensive Aspects

Do you like watching video content and have built a passion for learning the art of video editing? But have no idea or prior experience where to start and if it is the right choice for you. If yes, then Clipchamp video editor online can help you take the first step in the video editing world.

With its user-friendly design, and more than 800,000 premium stock images, videos, and audio to use, you will have more than enough content to learn as a beginner. It would be sufficient for most professional video content creators too.

You can sign up to Clipchamp .com for free and produce unlimited 1080p HD videos, and you should be sticking with the free package as a beginner. However, if you are a professional content creator, we recommend you buy their monthly subscription and unlock their additional features to help you in your video editing journey.

Part 1. Clipchamp Pricing

Clipchamp has four plans for its users, and each one of them is designed for a different audience. So, you should pick the one that matches your type and budget.

1. Basic Plan

It is the only free plan offered by Clipchamp. However, it comes with several features. We recommend you try its free plan, and if you like the tool, you can always upgrade to a better one. In the Clipchamp free online plan, you can create unlimited 1080p HD Videos. Plus, you can use it for WebCam and Screen recording too. This way, the possibility of making video content expands vastly.

But, you can not get everything for free. And in this case, you will have access to Clipchamp’s image, video, and audio stock. But, using a single premium file will add a watermark to your entire video. Plus, Clipchamp online editor will not let you access their Brand Kit or Premium video templates to make your experience smoother. Furthermore, you can not save your files on the cloud of Clipchamp.

2. Creator Plan

Creator Plan’s monthly fees are $9 per month, or if you pay for an annual subscription, you will get a 30% discount, and it will get down to $72 per year.

With this package, you will be getting unlimited cloud storage. And if you travel a lot and work on different computers more often, then cloud storage is a must-have feature. Other than that, It gives you complete access to its Audio Stock. But, no permission to use its image and video stock.

3. Business Plan

The Business Plan is the most purchased and recommended plan among all. It costs $19 a month and $156 for an entire year subscription.

In this plan, you will be getting all features of the Creator Plan with the addition of brand kits. You can customize your videos with fonts, logos, and color pallets. These minor tweaks to your videos would give a professional touch to the final product.

4. Business Platinum Plan

It is the most expensive plan for Clipchamp online editor, but it will be worth the money you invest since it gives you so much content to access. Monthly, Clipchamp charges $39, and on an annual basis, they would charge $324 only.

Their Business Platinum Plan would give you complete access to their audio, video, and stock images. You can access all of them without worrying about their annoying Watermark on the video.

Part 2. Main Features

To produce this Clipchamp review, we tried out different features and will share a few best ones here.

1. Text to Speech

This one is popular among all features because it saves time and money. These days, you can find many ‘Text to Speech’ software, but none of them matches the quality of Clipchamp online editor.

Most text-to-speech software uses a bot that reads each word individually in different voices. It gets the job done, but it never feels like a human voice. In contrast, the Clipchamp video editor online generates 170 lifelike voices. Plus, they support several languages, and each language has different voices (For example, man, woman, kid, etc.). This way, you get a high-quality voiceover in no time and save a lot of money. You can even pick your pace as per the requirement.

2. Basic Editing Tools on Browser

We were amazed that cloud software could feature all the essential editing tools you would expect from downloadable software. It includes Edit, Trim, Cut, video overlay, filters, GIF, etc. Adding all these editing tools inside a browser makes it easier to access and use, especially when traveling a lot or changing computers frequently. You will never need to download it again. Instead, you can enter their URL, and your software is there.

Moreover, their tools work at high precision and give a premium feel. Therefore, if you compare all online video editors, Clipchamp is on an entirely different level.

3. Screen And Webcam Video Recording

Many people still have heavy software to simultaneously record their screen and webcam video. This way, mostly computer RAMS get overused, and computers start lagging during recording. However, you can get rid of all that hassle with this free online video editor Clipchamp. It allows you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously.

But, unlike most recording software, it will not make your computer lag. Instead, it takes only a small amount of RAM to start the recording. This way, you and your viewers will get a better experience with the final product. It makes communication easy and allows you to make easy edits in your screen recording.

Part 3. Reliability And Safety

According to Clipchamp’s privacy policy, they have access to your data and information. It collects all the statistical, subscription, and data types you share with this platform. It also has cookies that can track you on what you search on other websites while logging in to Clipchamp. Plus, Clipchamp can also access the files in your Google Drive and those located on your computer.

Since they have a massive amount of data, they use it as feedback to improve the user experience. Besides, Clipchamp online editor never shares users’ data with any third party. And since there has never been a case of Clipchamp sharing users’ data without their consent, you can say that it is a safe platform for content creators.

Part 4. Support

You can upload several formats of audio, video, and images to the Clipchamp video editor online. So, we are sharing the list of supported extensions you can use as attachments on Clipchamp online free for each category separately.

1. Audio Files

Clipchamp only supports three types of format files. However, if you upload any other audio type file, it will automatically convert it into one of these. However, if you want to get the best and fast experience, you should use the following three audio types because they do not need to be converted and used directly in Clipchamp.

Supported Audio Formats in Clipchamp




2. Image Files

Currently, if you upload an image that Clipchamp does not support, it can not convert those images. Therefore, while saving your images, make sure you permanently save your files in the following formats to use them in the Clipchamp.

Supported Image Files in Clipchamp


.Bmp (Windows Bitmap)



.jpg or jpeg

3. Video Files

Clipchamp can accept the following video files to work on projects.












Clipchamp allows you to work on a wide variety of videos. However, it only supports a few formats. And if the video is not among them, it converts it into the following forms and allows you to use them.

Supported Video Files in Clipchamp




So, suppose you want to start editing your videos and do not want to waste your time seeing videos getting converted. In that case, you should permanently save your videos in these formats to avoid any inconvenience.

Pros Cons
Clipchamp online has a User-Friendly interface Leaves a watermark on videos (Can be removed by purchasing the Business Platinum Plan).
Clipchamp is an entirely in-browser. You can use it without downloading Importing and exporting files takes a lot more time than usual.
It comes with all basic level editing tools. The editing process is slow
High-Quality text to speech. Desktop only on Google Chrome
Supports a wide range of audio, image, and video files. Full functions are available in paid versions.


To summarize the discussion, Clipchamp online editor is an in-browser video editing platform with more than enough premium resources for a professional to use. Moreover, it has all the basic features you would expect from downloadable paid software. Therefore, it is an ideal software for someone trying to start their career as a video editor. Once they get used to it and want to master the video editing entirely, they can always switch to a more complex software or subscribe to the business platinum plan to access all the premium resources.

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