Solution for Twitter Videos Not Playing on Chrome/Android/iPhone/Wi-Fi

Videos are an essential element for all our social media platforms, such as Twitter. Twitter videos don’t require users to write long paragraphs or captions to give particular information. Instead, it provides information, entertainment, feedback, and news coverage in the best way possible. Due to this characteristic, videos have become an integral part of Twitter.

However, in some situations, Twitter users feel difficulty in watching a particular video as they encounter an error message depicting that Twitter videos not playing. In this article, we will address this issue on all platforms of Android, iPhones, Chrome, and Wi-Fi. You can try any method from below as they all are quick and easy to perform.

Part 1: Possible Reasons for Twitter Videos Not Playing

In this part, we will discuss some possible causes of why Twitter videos are not playing properly. Read these reasons carefully to avert this error in the future.

Unsuitable Video

Twitter has certain file formats that go compatible with it. But if you are trying to play a video that is not supported by Twitter, then it could be the reason for not playing smoothly. Make sure to play those file formats that are compatible with Twitter.

Cookies and Cached Files

Cookies and cached files saved in the browser take the storage and memory of the device. If the cache memory is full, the performance of your device will be affected and can cause an obstacle for you to play Twitter video.

Unstable Internet

A strong internet connection is a basic requirement to play a video on Twitter conveniently. If Twitter videos not playing, check your internet connection. Make sure to attach your device to a stable network connection while playing Twitter videos.

Part 2: How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on Chrome?

This section will guide you to resolve Twitter videos not playing on Chrome by providing effective methods. Keep reading the instructions given below:

Method 1: Update Chrome Browser

If you are still using an outdated version of the browser, make sure to update it to the latest version. To update your chrome browser, the steps are:

Step 1: From your desktop, go to your Chrome browser and tap on the “More” option displayed as a three-dot icon.

Step 2: If you come across the option of “Update Google Chrome,” tap on it and then click “Relaunch.” If you are unable to see this option, then you are already using the latest version.

Method 2: Clear Cache and Cookies

By removing the cache and cookies files, you can clear the storage space and memory of your computer. The steps are simple and basic to follow:

Step 1: To initiate, navigate to the “Settings” on your browser and tap on the “Privacy and Security” category. From the drop-down menu, scroll down and click on “Clear browsing data” to proceed.

Step 2: Now, from the top of your screen, select a time range for erasing the data. To erase all the data, simply tap on “All time.”

Step 3: Afterward, check on the boxes of “Browsing history,” “Cookies and other site data,” and “Cached images and files.” Once done with checking all the boxes, tap “Clear data” to delete the cached data permanently.

Part 3: How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on iPhone?

If Twitter videos not playing on iPhone, this section is a must-read. To resolve this issue permanently, carefully apply the given instructions mentioned below:

Method 1: Update Twitter App

Avoid running an older version of Twitter, as it can contain bugs and errors that slow down the functionality. Also, the latest version offers new features that enhance the performance of the app. To update the newer version of Twitter on the iPhone, the steps are:

Step 1: Go to the “App Store” on your iOS device to begin. Open the app and click on your profile displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: A new window will appear on your iOS device; scroll down to the bottom to check the pending updates of your apps.

Step 3: If a pending update of Twitter is showing on the screen, select “Update,” and automatically, a newer version will be installed.

Method 2: Restart your Device

Restarting your iOS device is a good option to remove bugs and errors running in the background. The procedure is extremely simple and works most of the time. In this part, we will give basic instructions to restart iPhone along with their models.

For iPhone 8 and Latest Models

Step 1: Press and hold the “Volume Down” button and “Side” button from your fingers simultaneously.

Step 2: A slider will display saying “Slide to power off” drag the slider to the right to turn off the phone.

Step 3: Wait for at least 20 seconds and then press and hold the “Side” button.” Keep holding the button until an Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and Earlier Models

Step 1: To begin, press the “Power” button from the side of your phone till you see a power slider option. Once a power slider appears, drag the slider. After some time, the phone would be turned off.

Step 2: Now, to restart again, press and hold the “Power” button till you see an Apple logo on your screen.

Part 4: How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on Android?

Android devices can also encounter problems while using a Twitter app. If Twitter videos not playing on Android, try these fixes to resolve the issue.

Method 1: Uninstall and Reinstall Application

Reinstalling the application from scratch can also work effectively in various issues. The reason is that deleting the app also erases the unwanted data and files with it. After reinstalling the app, you can run it smoothly. So try to uninstall and then reinstall Twitter again to delete all its unnecessary data. For help, check the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: On your Android device, tap on the Twitter app and hold it until it shows you a popping message of “Uninstall.” To delete the Twitter app, tap on the option of “Uninstall,” and your app will be deleted instantly.

Step 2: Now, to reinstall Twitter again on your Android device, go to “Play Store.” On the search box, type Twitter and select “Install” beside the application of Twitter. Wait for some time, and Twitter will be installed again.

Method 2: Log Out and Log Back In

Despite deleting and then installing Twitter again, you can also fix the problem by simply signing out of your Twitter account. To log out and log back again into your Twitter account on Android devices, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to your Twitter app and drag your finger to the right to open the side menu. From the menu, choose “Settings and privacy” by tapping on it.

Step 2: From the displayed menu, select “Your account” and access the “Account information” option. Now, tap on “Log Out,” and you will be signed out of your Twitter account.

Step 3: Stay on the sign-in page of Twitter and type your username and password. Tap on “Log in,” and you will be signed in to your account again.

Part 5: How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on Wi-Fi?

If Twitter videos not playing on Wi-Fi, then there is a possibility that you are having trouble with your internet connection. To do so, try the below methods.

Method 1: Check Network Connection

The common cause of Twitter not playing videos is an issue with a network connection. For this, go to the settings of your device and check the option of network and internet connection. Make sure that your device is connected to a strong and stable connection. You can also check the speed of your internet connection for more clarity. To avoid any risk, always connect your devices with a safe and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2: Restart your Router

If you are facing a problem with an internet connection, restart your router manually. The process is simple and easy to do. Start with unplugging your router from the power button and wait for at least 30 seconds. Now plug in the router again to the power button. Your Wi-Fi device will take 1 to 2 minutes to restart properly.


When a Twitter video does not play, it ruins the whole mood of a user. If you are constantly facing the issue of videos not playing on Twitter, read its root causes and respective solutions from this article. We have separately mentioned all the solutions for Android, iPhone, and Chrome users in a well-structured manner.

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