Create Animated Facebook Ads With High ROI

Branding is a common element within social media platforms. With platforms such as Facebook, many companies have considered branding an effective technique of getting customers out of such social media platforms. As a general concept, advertisements are not acknowledged by many users within their videos and other content. However, to get your customer’s attention, it is quite important to develop ads that can be profitable.

Animated Facebook ads have taken a direction acknowledged by many users within the social media platforms. These advertisements are believed to provide high returns to companies who consider branding through such methods. This article intends to discuss creating the best animated Facebook ads that would provide high ROI with an introduction to techniques that can effectively guide them into designing such advertisements.

Part 1: How to Create High ROI Animated Facebook Ads?

People are aware of creating high ROI animated Facebook ads for their brand, company, product, and service. However, we see most of them questioning the methods. It is stated that many brands are not aware of the right tool to work with. However, maintaining consistency with the Facebook ads is an important thing to consider. For this, finding the right tool that features an intuitive interface for developing creative Facebook ads is necessary.

Canva and Animaker are easy and simple tools for creating animated videos and advertisements. While explaining your brand, company, product, and service to perfection, you can use different animated characters and elements to make your advertisement look ravishing to the viewers. As the expected outcome for the users are high ROI Facebook ads, it is quite important to understand the dynamics of using the platform.

While moving into the details of using Canva or Animaker for your Facebook ads, look into the following steps of utilizing the animated templates to perfection. This step-by-step guide will help users design their best animated Facebook ads. 

Here I will take Canva for example.

Step 1: Login and Select Appropriate Template

You are required to log in Canva on the browser. Once done, search for your matching templates. For example, you can input keywords like Facebook animated ads. Then Canva will show a lot of Facebook ads results for your choice. Kindly choose one that matches the topic of your ad.

Step 2: Edit The Template

On selecting a template, you will enter the editing interface. You can add and change elements according to your needs. 

Step 3: Download The Facebook Animated Ads

The user can effectively edit anything across the template to design it according to their required Facebook ad. Canva allows them to work across the backgrounds, scenes, characters, props, text, and music. Users can choose to save it as an MP4 video or GIF.

Part 2: Tips That Can Help You Create Best Animated Facebook Ads

Creating animated Facebook ads is not just about working with the best tools. While designing your advertisements with the appropriate tools, you are required to have the potential and the knowledge to create the best animated Facebook ads. For this, there are several tips that can be realized and adopted by them which would help them create animated Facebook ads to perfection.

Targeting a Specific Audience

While setting up an advertisement, it is very important to understand the audience that will be interacting with the advertisement. As Facebook can be effectively utilized for targeting a specific audience, thanks to its targeted ad campaigns, the design of the animated Facebook ads needs to be highly relevant to the audience that is to be subjectively discussed within it.

Setting Time for Running Ads

Displaying ads at the perfect time gives you the best returns, all in all. Users need to look through their Facebook Analytics and come up with the best options of time scales that will be used for running ads across their accounts. With times having the highest traffic, brands can expect the highest returns across these time periods.

Utilize Facebook Canvas Ads

The use of Facebook Canvas Ads is believed to be highly profitable in terms of the numbers associated with it. People have reportedly explained a considerable percentage of viewers to be looking into Canvas Ads for a greater time as compared to other advertisement styles. Although an advertisement contains the appropriate videos, photos, GIF, and call-to-actions, defining the style and format of the advertisement holds similar importance.

Using Social Proof

Animated ads are not generally focused on adding realistic frames and videos within them. However, adding social proof across your ads makes them more relevant and acknowledged by the consumer. People usually look for realistic proof before trusting a certain brand. Having such social proofs within your ads that would build up the trust of the consumer is promoted on all scales.

Focusing on Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns is not a common concept among most users. People usually work across their product and fail to gain the attention of their visitors. However, with the use of retargeting campaigns, people who are generally aware of the tool or product can be allured back into the system with ads that would be highly interactive. However, users need to make sure that the message within the ad is still relevant to their cause and target audience.

Creating Lookalikes of Your Audience

After setting up a proper target audience for your product or service, the user needs to proceed with setting up their lookalikes of the defined audience. Using such an approach is generally consistent and highly profitable, as this would help brands reach out to the problems of the audience and help them target the points that would effectively bring the attention of the viewer into the system.

Do a Clear Analysis of the Competitors

It is quite important to be aware of what your competitors are up to. For this, an analysis of the ads of competitors is necessary. This would help you point out the reason that led to the success or failure of their advertisement. Following this, you would realize the factors that would help you ensure the success of your ad. Users need to work on making sure that the elements and techniques used across their ads are completely relevant to the animated Facebook ads standards.

Part 3: 4 Types of Facebook Animated Ads

Have you ever thought about how to emphasize the main points of your animate ads? It is obviously wrong to make an overall animated ad without highlights. Here we will introduce you to 4 types of Facebook animated ads so that you can get the insights.

CTA Animation

Animate the image by making only one or two elements in motion for a few seconds. It is suggested that the elements be your CTA button or CTA text. The animated CTA will make the audience pay attention to the action that they need to take the first time. The CTA could be the discount, a campaign, an event or etc.

Brand Animation

Brand advertisement is of great importance in the development of your businesses. Bring the logo or your company name to life for a few seconds to promote brand recognition.

Benefit Animation

Highlighting the product or service benefits through animation can help the audience confirm whether the products or services can help or not. After knowing the advantages, they can go to the next step of conversion.

Demo Animation

Emphasize motion on demonstrating how your app, website, service, product, or feature works. Trigger their interests by showing the brilliant parts of your products. Call for a visit to your websites or products.


This article has featured a detailed discussion on making animated Facebook ads. While offering an introduction to an animated video editing tool, a guide on how to make the best-animated ads for your Facebook account has been led within the article. Users should go through the discussion to come up with ideas that would help them make animated ads with profitable returns.

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