2022 Complete Guide for Twitter Videos Ads

How to make your business grow? Although there are multiple ways to do that, time has changed, and the world has shifted to social media. Now are days, Twitter ads are making life simple. With time, this has made the marketing strategy and tricks evolve too.

Video ads are taking over the world and social media. This is because the social world is the new marketing and shopping hub. Do you have any idea how Twitter video ads can be useful for you? If you don’t know much, then let’s get started! Other details for Twitter video ads will be discussed in the article below.

Part 1. Why Do You Need Twitter Video Ads?

Twitter is a social media platform where you get entertainment, create networks, and interact by messaging and sharing posts. Now are days, Twitter is becoming the marketing hub. Do you know why Twitter video ads are important? Let’s tell you!

Cheap Ads

Isn’t it great that a lot of people watch your ad with a low price being charged? Twitter video ads made it possible. You can post ads on Twitter at a very low price if compared to other social media platforms. You pay for the ads when the marketing goal is achieved.

Topic Oriented ads

Twitter video ads are targeted, depending upon the audience. Custom Audience lists can be made based on the identity, interests, and keywords of the consumer. Twitter also offers engager targeting, which means the people you have recently interacted with will see the ads more frequently.

Worth Investing Money

Do you know why Twitter video ads are worth investing in? Let us tell you why. Twitter is not just a marketing expense; instead, it will reward you with the same future outcome that you expected. Twitter video ads are an investment in yourself. It provides you with a virtual business network on your respective device.

Account differentiation

Is there any differentiation between the company and personal Twitter accounts? Well, there is no difference between personal and brand Twitter accounts. This is because Twitter video ads are the same irrespective of the account type. You can post ads without any restriction for account type, unlike other social media platforms.

Taking over Blogging

Do you have any idea why people are choosing Twitter video ads over blogging? Blog posting is lengthy and takes time as compared to Twitter video ads. Video is easy along with, takes less time to review it whereas, on the other hand, blog reading requires time. Video ads help you promote and grow with a lot less effort.

Part 2. Best Practices for Twitter Video Ads

Twitter video ads have a lot of benefits; some of those have been discussed above for your knowledge. Do you know why some ads get a lot of views whereas some don’t? This is because certain practices should be followed to create great video ads. To guide you more about such practices, let’s shed light on a few:

Call to Action

Great practice for video ads is adding impactful and strong calls to action. This means, don’t assume that people will understand what you want after watching the ad. Make sure that you are straightforward and clear about what you want the viewers to do, like “Click to Read More,” “Follow Us,” etc.

Keep things Concise and Simple

There is a difference between being good and being complex. While making your Twitter video ads, ensure that you adopt the policy of simplicity. If you stick to simple and concise content, you can still create good ads. The purpose of video ads is to convey your message to the targeted audience in the easiest and simplest possible way.

Avoid Distractions

Creating a strong video ad is not enough; retaining your audiences’ attention and focus is your responsibility. For this, a great practice to embrace is avoiding any distraction in the Twitter video ad. It is suggested to keep your ads free from any #hashtags and @mentions.

Better Visuals

Apart from the above-shared practices, there is another thing that should be used. While you are creating your Twitter video ads, make them aesthetic and clean with good visuals. With this, we propose that you should adjust the logo in the upper left or right corner of the frame. Moreover, using captions is another good way to engage your audience with a longer view time.

Broad Audience Scope

Although Twitter works great for a targeted audience if you are just starting, it is suggested to target a broader audience. This is because it takes time to engage and get a loyal audience, so until then, it’s a great practice that you target wide scope of audience.

Part 3. Create Engaging Video Ads

What if we ask you the name of the best video editor? If your answer is not Cyberlink PowerDirector, then this section is a must-read for you! PowerDirector is a great editing software to create engaging videos. The reason for this is the wide variety of functionalities and features that you get from PowerDirector.

The video editor offers editing features like Auto Highlight, AI Portrait, Auto Reframe. Along with this, you also get features like Green Screen, Split Screen, Silence Detection, Cut, Trim, and the never-ending list goes on. Moreover, Cyberlink PowerDirector owns a media library, where you can get sound effects, transitions, titles, editing elements, effects, and many other things.

How to Use Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editor:

Content creators are no stranger to Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editor, but in case you are new to this editing software, then let us provide its step-by-step guideline regarding how to use the video editor. Make sure to install and launch the software.

Step 1: Import Video Files

To create engaging and amazing videos with PowerDirector, start by importing the demo video file that you wish to edit with the video editor. For this, head to the ‘File’ section and hover on the ‘Import Media’ option. A sub-menu will appear, select the ‘Import Media Files’ option and locate the file from your device to import it.

Step 2: Add Video to Timeline

After importing your demo video file to PowerDirector editor, select and drop it to the timeline of the PowerDirector to preview and edit it.

Step 3: Edit the Video

As we have mentioned earlier that the editing features offered by PowerDirector make it a great video editor. When it comes to editing, the video editor lets you add elements, effects, titles, text, transition, and whatnot to your videos. While editing, do explore the different features PowerDirector offers to edit videos.

Step 4: Export the Video

Once you have edited the video and you are fully satisfied with the result, you can simply export the video to your device. For this, hit the ‘Export’ button on the PowerDirector screen and select the output format. The editor lets you export and saves the file on your device at your desired location.

Part 4. Setup Twitter Video Ads

Now that you know a lot about Twitter video ads, it’s time to help you with the setup, but wait, have we talked about its specifications? Let’s firstly share the specifications for Twitter video ads.

Tweet Copy: 280 Characters

File Types: MP4 or MOV

File Size: 1 GB max. It is recommended to keep files under 30 MB.

Video Length: 15 seconds or less is suggested. Up to 2:20 is supported

Branding: the logo should appear in the upper left corner. Prominent product placement is encouraged.

Captions: Text overlay or closed captions are recommended.

Video Bitrate: 6000 – 10,000k for 1080p. For 720p, 5000k – 8000k

Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS or 30 FPS (Higher is acceptable)

Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video Codec: H264, Baseline, Main or High Profile with 4:2:0 color space.

Thumbnail: Supported files: PNG or JPEG, Max Size: 5 MB

Looping: videos under 60 seconds in length will loop.

Detailed Steps to Setup Twitter Video Ads Easily

Step 1: Create Campaign

Start by logging in to your Twitter Ads account. Then, head to the Ads Manager in the top right corner and hit the ‘Create Campaign’ option. Now a list of campaign objectives will appear on the screen; select the ‘Video Views’ option.

Step 2: Details Tab

Now it’s time to name your campaign, select your funding source, set the campaign budget and dates. This all is done from the ‘Details’ tab on the campaign setup form.

Step 3: Ad Group

It’s time to set up an ‘Ad Group.’ The settings let you set the start and end times of the ad group. You can select any one of the Ad Group goals that are available; 15s view (default), Video views, 3s/100% video views, and also 6s video views.

Step 4: Bid Selection

With the Twitter video setup settings, you can also select your preferred bid for the Ad Group, for instance, Automatic Bid (recommended) and Maximum Bid.

Step 5: Pay Metric

Based on the Ad Group goal that you have selected, the ‘Pay by’ metric is spontaneously selected for the Video views campaign.

Step 6: Targeting Tab

The fact is that Twitter video ads are all about targeting the audience, so hence, in the ‘Targeting’ tab, you have to select the audience type that you plan to serve the ad.

Step 7: Tweets for Campaign

The settings let you select the tweets that you plan to use for your campaign. Interestingly, you can also customize the Twitter locations where you wish to serve your Tweets.

Step 8: Review and Launch

Now, head to the ‘Review & Complete’ tab. There, you can review the final campaign setup and also add extra Ad groups. With this, your Video Views Campaign is all set to launch!

Part 5. Track the Performance of Twitter Video Ads

Do you know the ways to track the progress made by Twitter video ads? Multiple tools can help you regarding this issue. A few of them are discussed as follows:

Media Studio

If you are using a facility of Twitter video ads, this platform is useful for you. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage and monetize your activities on Twitter. You can consider it as a single-stop shop for your account management, irrespective of account type. It can either be a business account or a personal account.


Do you want to review your Twitter video ads activities? Ads.twitter helps you review and measure the marketing campaign that you are running on Twitter. You can choose your audience as per your preferences. You can sort out data from a particular day or a whole year, whether as a whole ad campaign or an individual ad.


Analytics.twitter is there to solve the ad performance management issues. It displays every detail on the dashboard. The homepage gives a monthly report on your activities. Along with this analytics.twitter provides the ability to review tweet metrics. You can also customize the data for up to three months.


After reading and learning from the above article, you should be planning to grow your business with Twitter Video ads. The leading social media platform came up with a leading marketing technique that has revolutionized that world.

The article has discussed in detail the factors why Twitter video ads are important, best practices to adopt, a great video editor, and also the steps to set up video ads on Twitter. If you want to learn anything about Twitter video ads, this article is all you need!

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