Review Clipchamp Video Editor Software in 4 Comprehensive Aspects

Whether you are new to video editing or a casual pro, Clipchamp is a one-stop platform for all. This new-age video editor lets you create stunning videos by adding stylish transitions and effects.

Clipchamp video editor is a progressive web app, which means that it is designed as a website but acts like an application. There’s no need to install the software, and this web-based app lets you work without any hassle.

Are you new to Clipchamp and thinking about whether it’s worth the hype? Here’s the app review that resolves all your queries and lets you make a better choice.


Clipchamp video editor is one of the prominent apps for creating and editing videos. This beginner-friendly app requires no prior experience and is packed with a variety of features to edit videos like a pro.

While Clipchamp is free to use, you can upgrade to the premium plans for getting additional storage and certain other features.

Part 1. Pricing

Every good thing comes at a price, and Clipchamp is no different. While this app offers complimentary editing features to ease the users, you need to buy a subscription pack for other add-ons to make your video editing process smooth and hassle-free.

The best thing about the Clipchamp video editor software is that it offers various plans to fit every video creator’s pocket. Clipchamp offers four different plans: Basic, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum. While the Basic is the least expensive plan and suitable for beginners, Business Platinum costs a hefty amount and is ideal for business use.

Let’s find out the detailed description of these plans here. Scroll down to the bottom and pick the option that suits you the most.


As the name implies, the Basic Plan is limited to personal use only and includes minor features compared to other options. It is available for free and offers unlimited 1080p video exports.

This plan lets you create unlimited videos and supports webcam and screen recording. It features all essential editing tools to create amazing videos.


This plan is suitable for casual use and is available at $72/ year or $6/ month. It includes everything available in the Basic Plan and unlimited cloud storage and audio stock.

The creator option is ideal for those who know little about video editing and create videos for their personal use.


One of the most popular subscription options for Clipchamp editor, Business Plan is an ideal choice for work and business use. You can get this plan at $156/ year or $13/ month.

It comprises all features available in the Creator Plan, along with a Brand Kit, which allows you to customize your videos with fonts, color palettes, and logos.

Business Platinum

If you are an experienced video editor and create high-end videos to generate traffic and leads, Business Platinum might be the best bet. It is a complete package for business use and is available at $324/ yr or $27/ month.

The plan includes everything available in the Business Plan, along with unlimited video stock, image stock, and audio stock.

While you can cancel your plan at any time, it always takes effect at the end of the current billing period.

So, you have decided on the plan, it’s time to enlist some of the features of the Clipchamp app that stand this web application a class apart from other options available over the internet.

Part 2. Main Features

The pricing is just the beginning, as the final decision somewhere lies in the list of features that help you decide whether the app will fulfill your requirements or not. So, without wasting a minute, let’s get into the primary features that make Clipchamp Editor worth considering.

1. Templates


Long gone are the days when creating professional videos used to be a hassle, as now is the time when even beginners can make stunning videos with free video templates.

Start the process by choosing the desired template and customize it to make your own.

Clipchamp offers a vast library of pro video templates for all occasions. Whether you are planning for a vlog, promoting your sale on social media, or creating a slideshow pattern, these templates are the easiest way to get started

Users can get unlimited access to premium templates with Clipcham’s Business Platinum Plan.

2. Brand Kit

brand kit
brand kit

The second most important feature of the Clipchamp video editor is the brand kit. It saves your time by keeping all brand assets in one place. You can simply upload the video, set it, and forget with this feature.

Brand Kit is an essential feature of businesses and gets your team members on the same page. Create a personalized kit for your team and stop worrying about someone using incorrect fonts or logos.

Clipchamp offers a vast collection of fonts while allowing users to upload their custom fonts. Set the tone for your brand logo by picking the shades from their color picker.

3. Stock Library

stock library
stock library

Browse the free stock video footage and audio tracks available in the app Clipchamp and create stunning videos with no filming required. You can use stock video and audio right from the application and browse their collection to find the best match for your video.

You can either add stock to a template or begin from scratch. These stocks are fast, local, and private, allowing users to edit and export straight from their browser. Users can get unlimited access to over 800,000 stock videos and audio tracks with Clipchamp Premium.

4. Green Screen

green screen
green screen

Want to add special effects to your videos? Use the Green Screen feature of Clipchamp Create and bring your creativity to life. The free online green screen video editor allows you to use Chroma Key effects to change backgrounds and add exciting special effects to make your videos appealing.

Replace parts of your video with dynamic Green Screen backgrounds, gifs, and overlays and show your creative side to the viewers. Clipchamp’s stock library is packed with a variety of high-quality Green Screen footage; hence, there’s no need to DIY yourself. Browse the library, pick your Green Screen stock, and layer it with video footage.

Trim Video

trim video
trim video

Clipchamp video compressor lets you cut videos to the perfect length in a few clicks. You have to upload media files, drag and drop your video to the timelines, and trim it.

You can choose from a range of resolutions to suit your trimmed video’s destination, like 720p for social media or 1080p for websites.

Undoubtedly, Clipchamp offers impressive features that give this application an edge over its competitors. But what other thing you should consider before making the decision is its safety and privacy. Read on to find out whether Clipchamp is safe to use or not.

Part 3. Reliability And Safety

Since you are now aware of Clipchamp’s features, it’s time to throw some light on the most crucial aspect – Safety and Privacy. No matter how good a video editor is, there’s no point in using the same if it fails to keep your data safe.

When it comes to Clipchamp, you can rely on its safety norms. This video editor is perfectly safe to use. Its privacy policies and security features are mainly designed to safeguard the individual rights of all users, and it keeps your personal information and data safe and sound.

Furthermore, since all your videos are processed in the browser and stored within your system, no one can access them.

While the software is highly reliable and safe, what about its customer support? Will there any anybody who will solve the issues you generally face during video editing? To know more about this, keep on reading.

Part 4. Support

When it comes to Clipchamp customer support, it is second to none. Users can easily connect with Clipchamp’s team and resolve their queries within little or no time. To get in touch with them, use the chat widget available in the bottom right corner of the official website and send a message stating your problem.

Additionally, you can also send them an email to Remember that the customer service providers might take a bit to make a reply owing to different time zones and varying office hours.



Slick and simple interface

Less control over effects

A myriad of effects and transitions

Exporting videos might be time-consuming

Text and soundtrack option

Requires subscription

Excellent template selection

Templates are short and don’t generally specify shot types

It supports a wide range of input formats, including PNG, MP4, JPG, MOV, AVI, and more.


It is easy to use.


An in-browser software


That’s concluded with a detailed analysis of the Clipchamp editor. But if you still have queries regarding the application, scroll down to the bottom and find the most commonly asked questions here.

Part 5. People Also Want to Know

1. Is Clipchamp free and safe?

Yes, absolutely. Clipchamp’s basic version is available for free use. It boasts all essential editing features so you can easily add effects to your video project. Just sign up and start editing right away. Moreover, this app is 100% safe, since it processes all your details in the browser and keeps your information safe and secure.

2.Is Clipchamp a good editing app?

Yes. It is one of the best applications for video editing. It is loaded with all basic functionalities to create and edit a video.


So, that’s all about the Clipchamp video editor. We hope our detailed insight and review will assist you in making the right choice. Clipchamp has been in the video editing industry since 2014 and continues to add new features and technologies to enhance a flexible and seamless editing experience.

With Clipchamp, you can quickly collect, record, and create videos without delay. It is a go-to video creation and editing suite and is incredibly easy to use with excellent functionality.

The best thing about this video editor that makes it stand out from the crowd is its budget-friendly subscription plans. Unlike other editors, you don’t have to spend a fortune to use its advanced editing options.

However, everything has its downsides, and Clipchamp editor is no different. While it is effortless to use, it takes a long to export videos.

But all and all, Clipchamp is a worthy choice for both beginners and advanced editors and lets you edit videos without putting a hole in your wallet.

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