Chinese New Year Video Makers

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. Chinese New Year is also known as “Lunar Year” or “Spring Festival” where people welcome their unisolar new year with celebrations and festivities.

These celebrations are the way of Chinese people to honour their deities and pay tributes to their ancestors. The celebrations also include the feast and visits to relatives and family members.

Nowadays these celebrations have been saved with the help of the best Chinese New Year video makers’ applications.

These celebrations start from the 15th day of the year and end in two weeks. The celebrations start with the Lantern Festival on New Year’s Eve.

Majority of Chinese save these moments of the festival by recording Chinese New Year Celebration Videos.

Following is the list of best Chinese New Year Video Maker Applications that will make your celebrations memorable.

Top 5 Chinese New Year Video Makers

Following is the list of top 5 Chinese New Year Video Makers:

1. Wondershare Filmora

Navigating the interface of wondershare filmora.

Alt text: Navigating the interface of wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video making applications. It is considered one of the best video makers to capture the New Year celebrations. The application is easy to use and gives professional results.


  • Filmora is offering 800+ stunning effects to make your video a piece of art. It also provides the text and titles library with beautiful, animated messages.
  • The music library of Filmora lets you add tension, humour and love in every scene by providing royalty free songs and sound effects.
  • With amazing overlays and filters Filmora can turn your video into something spectacular.
  • With its wonderful transitions and elements, Filmora can bring your video to a next level of creativity.


  • With Filmora edit your videos effortlessly
  • Enhance the videos with Filmora’s 800+ stunning effects.
  • Audio detachment feature and green screen capability features are available.
  • Improve your creativity with the stunning Hollywood effects.
  • Export and import the Filmora’s video in any format.
  • Intuitive interface making it easy to use.
  • Multiple online resources and preset packs available.


  • Poor Graphical User Interface
  • Frequent application hanging during the editing.
  • More features for headings and titles are needed.
  • An option to improve the sound quality is not present.


Starting from $7.99/month

Pricing model is Subscription

Filmora is available across multiple pricing plans, outlined below. It also offers a free trial.

Filmora9 (Windows), Individual plans:

• Annual Price – $39.99/year

• Lifetime Plan – $69.99/one-time payment

• Annual Bundle Plan – $99.87/year

Filmora9 (Mac), Individual plans-

• Annual Price – $44.99/year

• Lifetime Plan – $69.99/one-time payment

• Annual Bundle Plan – $104.87/year

Filmora9 (Windows), Student plan-

• Monthly plan – $7.99/month

• Quarterly plan – $15.99/quarter

• Annual plan – $31.99/year

• Lifetime plan – $48.99/one-time payment

Filmora9 (Mac), Student plan-

• Monthly plan – $7.99/month

• Quarterly plan – $15.99/quarter

• Annual plan – $35.99/year

• Lifetime plan – $48.99/one-time payment

Filmora9 (Windows & Mac), Business plan – $155.88/year

The video editor can be the best choice to record and edit happy Chinese New Year videos.

2– Adobe premiere pro

Adobe premiere being one of the leading video editors provides you the features to create amazing videos in no time.


  • Smart tools to beautifully tell your story.
  • Import and edit your videos from anywhere.
  • Hundreds of third party extensions.
  • Lightweight work flows with faster rendering.


  • Huge variety of filters to enhance your videos.
  • Automatic caption creation with the help speech to text feature.
  • Automated reformatting and optimization of videos retaining the important content.
  • A library of music tracks animated templates, video footage, and more on just leveling up with Adobe Stock.


  • Need to add usage tutorials.
  • Frequent real time rendering
  • Improved customer support is needed.
  • Flexible subscription plans should be available.


Following are the monthly pricing plans offered by Adobe premiere:

  • $20.99 for Premier Pro Single app
  • $52.99 for Adobe Creative Cloud – All Apps
  • $52.99 for Adobe Creative Cloud – Students and Teachers

3– InShot

Alt Text: InShot Video Editing App

In shot is an all in one video editing app. It’s advanced features support all types of editing and enhancement options. The application is available for both iOS and android users.


  • Equipped with all basic video editing tools.
  • Addition of text in your videos at a single click.
  • Wide variety of mesmerizing effects and wonderful filters.
  • Great collection of music tracks and sounds to make your video more interesting.
  • Catchy stickers and GIFs to make your videos more interesting .


  • Highly user friendly with quick editing tools.
  • All the basic video edits at single tap.
  • Easy integration of video clips with cool transitions.
  • Amazing photo editing features are also available.
  • Options to create great collages.


  • Not suitable for advanced or professional editing.
  • Lack of effective customer support.
  • Contain a lot of ads.
  • Pro versions are very costly.
  • Conditional removal of watermark.


Following are the pricing plans offered by InShot:

  • Yearly Access: $89 / Year
  • Lifetime Access: $ 249/ One-Time

4. Renderforest

Renderforest provides the best online branding tools. The application provides features to create enhanced videos, and high-quality logos.


  • Renderforest provides easily customizable video templates.
  • Great variety of templates available for different categories.
  • Options to create a free logo for your brand.
  • Graphic design templates with professional graphical results.


  • Automated logo creation.
  • Millions of video templates to create mesmerising videos.
  • Useful tips and tricks for optimised video production.


Starting Price: $9.99 for one time user.

5. Pixiko

The picture shows a short video being edited. The video is being uploaded while there are options available such as increasing the speed of the video or adding some filters.

Pixiko is a highly user-friendly video editor for amazing motion creation. The application contains several easy tools to make your video more creative and beautiful.


  • Best editor for motion creation.
  • Highly convenient video processing tools.
  • Number of editing options including adding text to video, merge two videos, and add music to videos and much more.
  • Trial versions available.


  • High usability and better performance, thanks to the AI.
  • Amazing editing options which is the most exciting feature.
  • Creative processing tools that enable users to gain more power over the tool.
  • Free Version available that can be used to get your creative juices flowing.


The starting price is $0.89 for one-time users.

Top 5 Chinese New Year Video Apps

Following is the list of top 5 Chinese new year video apps to create and edit Chinese New Year videos.

1. Wondershare FilmoraGo

Alt text: Wondershare FilmoraGo app editing interface

Create your stories anywhere with Wondershare FilmoraGo. The application provides amazing editing features to make your video a piece of art.


  • With Filmora you can edit your videos effortlessly.
  • Wonderful video effects help you enhance your video.
  • A library of royalty free sound effects and songs is available.
  • Great option to share what you have created.


  • Amazing editing features.
  • Exceptional video effects.
  • Royalty free music.
  • Share your own stories.


  • Poor Graphical User Interface
  • Frequent application hanging during the editing.


Following are the pricing plans of Wondershare FilmoraGo

Monthly Plan

  • US$ 19.99
  • Billed monthly, cancel any time
  • Get the latest updates as long as you’re subscribed
  • All features
  • No Watermark
  • Senior Tech Support

Annual Plan

  • 61.99 US$
  • Billed annually, cancel any time
  • Get one month of Filmstock Standard Assets! Cancel any time or subscribe for $9.99/month.
  • Get one month of the AI Portrait Add-on! Cancel any time or subscribe for $5.99/month.
  • No watermark on your exported videos
  • One year of Filmora updates
  • One month of the AI Portrait Add-On
  • new
  • Unlimited assets download and preview
  • One-month unlimited download of standard assets tagged with and export
  • Senior Tech Support

Perpetual Plan

  • 89.99 US$
  • One-Time Fee
  • Get one month of Filmstock Standard Assets! Cancel any time or subscribe for $9.99/month.
  • Get one month of the AI Portrait Add-on! Cancel any time or subscribe for $5.99/month.
  • No watermark on your exported videos
  • Get access to Filmora X for life
  • One month of the AI Portrait Add-On
  • Unlimited assets download and preview
  • One-month unlimited download of standard assets tagged with and export
  • Senior Tech Support

2. Douyin

Douyin Interface

Douyin is a Chinese version of Tiktok. Initially the application only supported lip sync over music videos. But later on, the features of the application expanded to a great extent and supported almost all types of content creation.


Douyin offers the following features for its users:

  • Content navigation by scrolling up and down
  • Automated playing of selected videos for specific users.
  • Easy appreciation mechanism by simply tapping a heart icon.
  • Users can also provide feedback by posting comments on the content.
  • The app also provides the live streaming feature for its users.


  • Freedom to follow any content creator.
  • Content keeps evolving because of frequent updates to features.
  • The content has more skits now and less lip syncing.
  • Hashtags for creative challenges are present.
  • Freedom to become a creator by simply clicking the + button.
  • Variety of beauty filters and video templates to create content.
  • It is a free video editing application.


Application is iOS rank 12 free application.

The application can be the best Chinese New Year video maker choice.

3. Kuaishou

Kuaishou Interface

The application is one of the biggest rivals of Doyuin. The app was initially designed to create GIFs but later it expanded its features to short video content creation in 2013.


  • Kuaishou provides the following features for its users:
  • Wide variety of content ranging from short dramas, beauty, food, live streaming and traveling.
  • Interface of the application contains two rows of thumbnails from where users can choose content.
  • Users can easily follow a content creator and give feedback on their content.
  • Kuaishou videos can be easily shared on applications like We chat.


  • Easy content sharing between different apps.
  • Another interesting feature of Kuaishou is that the videos can be linked to other platforms like Youzan,  Taobao and others.
  • Users on Kuaishou are more engaged because the content is very attractive.
  • Features such as filters add interesting details to the short videos created.
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use features.


Kaishou is an iOS rank 23 free application.

Kaishoou has captured most moments from Chinese New Year 2021 video and celebrations.

4. Xigua Video

Xigua is used to create longer videos and edit short videos.

Xigua Video, or “Watermelon Video” is a video editing application for creating and editing longer videos including films and TV episodes. Xigua can be the best choice for recording and editing Chinese New Year video.


Xigua Video provides the following features for its users:

  • Content recommendation based on previous choices.
  • Separate tabs for different entertainment niches.
  • Cinema section with free classic movies.
  • Blockbuster Hollywood movies on minimal rents
  • Option to create and upload your own content.


  • Create longer videos with Xigua s compared to other video apps.
  • Users can divide the videos into different categories which makes access easier.
  • The AI is of bytedance which has also created AIs for some other top video making apps.


Xigua video is an iOS rank 9 free application

5. Weishi App

Weishi app interface, a competitor app of TikTok. It has short video clips with the option to edit them.

This is one of the oldest short video apps in China. It has 120 million active users with 136 million+ installs. The application can be the best choice to record Chinese Lunar New Year Video.


Following are the features Weishi is offering to its users:

  • Auto-play feed
  • Rewards on longer use
  • Real rewards that you can withdraw through WeChat
  • Best app to record short videos.


  • One of the most famous free video making app
  • They have introduced new features such as video recording, subtitles and camera filters.
  • Real monetary awards
  • Easy sharing to WeChat
  • Auto play feed to play the user’s favourite videos.


The app is iOS rank 10 free app.

Weishi has been among the top applications recorded and shared video lunar 2017.

Best Chinese New Year Video Template

February 1st is a celebrated day as it is the Lunar New Year. People around the world get ready for the spring festival held during this time. Happiness and empathy are found in abundance amongst people as everyone prepares to welcome the new year with kind hearts.

To enjoy these festivities, we have gathered two templates for the Chinese New Year so you can easily celebrate this auspicious time of the year with your loved ones. Feel free to edit them and add a personal wish to make this moment even more intimate.

Free Chinese New Year Video template

Are you organising a party for the new years and want to invite friends and family over? We have the perfect template for you to let the festivities begin.

This is very time efficient as you will have a template ready within minutes for your new website or to send via email.

Here, you have free templates for a Lunar New Year.

1- Poster My wall

An invitation should be warm, welcoming and have clear information about the party on it.

To make an invitation for the New Year, login to Poster My Wall first. You can choose a template of your choice and then make changes to it.

If you want to send it to your friends, make it more colourful and fun. You have the freedom to add your touch into these personalised invitations.

Don’t like the current template you’re working with?

Change it and download any other template of your choice!

Once you have finalised the template, hit download to share it with loved ones.

2- Canva

Use Canva to easily design posters. You have the freedom to choose your choice of font, colors and emoticons that you want to add in the poster.

As soon as you login to Canva, you will see video templates as well. You can download these video templates to use as a New Years invitation as well.

To make a video on Wondershare Filmora, download the video you like first. There are multiple videos on Chinese New Year that you can download.

Edit the downloaded video through Wondershare Filmora. You can edit the video to change its font, add filters or add your choice of colours to the template.

A benefit of editing videos through wondershare Filmora is that you can download multiple videos to edit them and compile them to create your own video template for the New Year.

Best Examples Happy Chinese New Year Videos

Here are some examples of Chinese New Year’s videos

Funny Chinese New Year’s Video

Ever heard of funny kung fu? Watch this funny Chinese New Year’s video. You will surely be amused by these Chinese singers doing kung fu inside a temple with some hilarious lyrics.

Kids love New Years because of the colourful events and so much food. This funny Chinese New Year’s video is for kids so they can be distracted while you do your work. The video begins by introducing characters with their names on the screen. The different colours assigned to each character help kids to identify them and their funny movements will make your kids laugh throughout the video.

Chinese New Year Animation Videos

This is a looped video which means that the same animation will be played on repeat. It begins with the head of an animal to signify which year it is.

The screen gradually zooms in on the different aspects of the animation such as a red dot and beautiful mountains. The background music is also very soothing and a type of traditional Chinese music.

This is another Chinese New Year animation that can also be used as a template. It has bright red colours with the new year written in a vibrant font.

Chinese New Year Educational Videos for Kindergarten Students

This video is designed for parents who want their little ones to have an early education on the traditions followed during the Lunar New Year. It includes every small detail from getting a fresh haircut to the colourful festivities on the streets.

Your kids will fall in love with their traditions when they understand their significance. During the Lunar New Year and the spring festival, show these videos to your children. They will get fascinated to see the Chinese Lion dancers and the parade.

Chinese New Year Educational Videos for Elementary Students

Elementary students are able to understand some bigger concepts such as the background of the Chinese New Year’s. This video starts with a background story of how the Lunar New Year festivities started and their importance.

The little girls explaining the events will make your kids more attentive as they see students of their own age talking about this stuff. After the background, information on the important foods and the specific clothes worn on this special Chinese holiday.

Chinese New Year Story Videos

This is a video that explains the Chinese New Year’s historical events in the form of a story. This is for kids as they learn more from stories and will listen more attentively.

The narrator starts from the very beginning when the Chinese were afraid of a beast called Nian and then gradually moves to how people overcome the fear of this monster.

This YouTube video has great animation, narrated by a little girl’s voice. She takes the viewers throughout China showing the places where the festivities happen and all the food that is made during this time.

No story is complete without demolishing a monster, same is the case in this video. Watch it to learn more about the rich culture of China.

Chinese New Year Dragon Videos

This video shows the dragon dance at Disneyland in 2020. Dragon dances are a traditional practice to welcome the new year. In this video, it was the year of the mouse.

The dragon costumes are of vibrant colours and there are three dragons dancing while a person is leading their movements.

This video opens by explaining the importance of the dragon dance. It is a part of Chinese culture, said to bring wisdom and wealth into the new year.

Chinese people do this dance to welcome power into the new year and send a message to the evil monsters that they have strength and courage.

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