How To Adjust Audio in VLC Media Player?

The steps for VLC adjust audio sync and establish a proper audio track are simple to follow. Furthermore, VLC provides the ability to watch videos with good audio because video quality is just as important as audio quality.

This article will show you how to adjust VLC audio sync and audio delay in VLC Android using a simple method. You require short and simple processes that may be followed without interruption. So, this article will assist you in obtaining the desired results.

Part 1. What Is VLC Media Player?

The VideoLAN project developed VLC Media Player, a portable, cross-platform media player software that is free and open-source. VLC is available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS, as well as other desktop and mobile platforms.

Editing Interface

VLC Media Player is an excellent choice for watching videos from many sources and for video editing. To make video clips, you can edit or trim any video. VLC isn’t the most advanced video editing program, but it can chop videos quite well. In terms of the minimally present user interface, VLC has a lot of customization options. The play, pause, stop, next, previous, and other videos/audio control buttons can all be moved around effortlessly. You can also adjust the order in which the buttons appear.

Case Of Operations

It’s flexible, powerful, and tweakable. In terms of battery life, it’s also slightly better than VLC. If you had to choose anything that isn’t mainstream, it would be the best Media Player.

Compatibility OS

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, Xbox system software


Apart from its attractive features, VLC media is entirely safe to download. It is recommended that you get this media player from a trusted source, and this will ensure that you are virus-free at all times. This player is safe from malware, and other types of malicious software.

Support And Price

VLC plays Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices, and Streams. VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player and framework that supports most multimedia formats and a variety of streaming protocols.

VLC Player
VLC Player

Download Link For Android

Download Link For Windows

Download Link For Mac

Download Link For IOS

Part 2. Audio Features of VLC Media Player

1. Audio Settings

The VLC Media Player has numerous audio settings features. Due to the simple and intuitive interface the audio features are easy to understand and implement. The audio setting features of VLC Media Player are listed below:

Audio Track

Audio Track is a feature in VLC Media Player that allows you to add audio to your videos and movies. For instance, if your favorite movie is in Chinese and you want to watch it in English. You can add the audio track of your preferred language.

Audio Device

All other system audio or audio from other applications on your computer will be played through the default audio output device established on your system. You route the output audio from the VLC media player to a specific audio device connected to your computer. For instance, we have laptop speakers, external speakers, and earphones/headphones attached, we may choose the relevant audio output module and select the right Audio in a video with different soundtracks.

Stereo Mode

There are also controls for muting and unmuting the audio and adjusting it to stereo, mono, left, right, or reverse stereo. There are also options to turn off the Audio entirely in an accompanying video.


VLC’s audio visualizations feature is primarily used when playing audio files. VLC Media Player’s visualizations are graphic forms and indicators that react to the audio being played. Let’s say you’re listening to a piece of music that doesn’t have a visual. VLC Media Player displays only a blue-black screen.

Increase Volume

The VLC Media Player has a default volume option but, at times when you are playing your favorite video game or a movie you surely want increased and high-quality volume. For this purpose, VLC has an incredible built-in feature of increasing volume by selecting Qt. By simply pressing Ctrl+P you can maximize the volume by 100 to 125 or 300.

Decrease Volume

We can use keyboard buttons for volume controls in VLC Media Player to save time or for our convenience. In VLC, such keyboard controls are referred to as hotkeys. To increase or reduce the volume, we can use CTRL + Up Arrow or CTRL + Down Arrow by default.


To mute or delete audio from your video, click the yellow speaker symbol. When you click the icon, you’ll see a mute icon appear to signify that the sound has been turned off. Click the round green button in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

2. Advanced Tools Audio Effect


VLC Media Player comes with an equalizer feature that allows you to adjust the volume of currently playing music and sound (dB). Equalizer enables you to load a pre-built playlist such as Rock, dance, tropical or whichever music taste you prefer. In addition, the VLC quilter allows you to alter the output volume to a frequency ranging from 60 Hertz to 16 kiloHertz. It also comes with a two-pass option. You can enable the two-pass filters manually.

Furthermore, VLC for Android equalizer has a 10-band graphic equalizer. It supports the following 31 Hz, 63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, and 16 kHz. You cannot view all of the ten sliders at once, but you can view it by scrolling on the screen.


VLC Media player comes with a feature of compressor. This feature allows you to improve the overall audio experience so for instance if you are watching a movie and the dialogues are quite low in volume and the action scenes seem quite loud. The compressor tool in VLC resolves such issues. you can adjust the sound and make your overall movie/video experience incredible.


With Spatializer, audio is changed to make it sound like it was recorded inside a room. It’s the same as before and moves the sliders to your liking. The audio spatializer SDK is an add-on to the native audio plugin SDK that allows you to change how Audio is conveyed from an audio source into the environment.

Stereo Widener

It increases the stereo impression by suppressing mono (signal shared by both channels) and delaying the left signal into the right and vice versa, resulting in a wider stereo effect.


You can change the audio pitch using this option.

3. Synchronization


The VLC Media Player is fantastic for repairing audio that isn’t synced, just like it is for synchronizing subtitles. When playing video files, you may occasionally hear the sound before the actual time, or you may only hear the words after the lips move.

You have the option of adding and removing sound from the video. You can sync the audio and video subtitle tracks in VLC.

Part 3. How to Adjust Audio Sync in VLC on Windows?

Step 1.

Open the VLC Media Player, then go to tools, and the last option will be shown, click the options preferences.

Preferences Option
Preferences Option

Step 2.

This window will pop up on your screen, press All, which is shown at the end of the window, press Audio from the left column, and then set Audio Desynchronization compensation to -2.

set Audio Desynchronization
set Audio Desynchronization

Now you may adjust the synchronizing compensation to positive or negative, depending on how badly your Audio is out of sync with the video you’re watching. If your Audio is ahead of the video, add negative based on the approximate time; if it is behind the video, apply positive to move the Audio forward. After that, save and play your video. You’ll receive the most outstanding results possible, and your video will be perfectly synced with the music.

You can even use short keys from the keyboard to sync the audio. If the audio plays before the visual press the K key on your Windows PC keyboard. it will slow down the audio. Similarly, if the audio plays after the visual then press “J” key on your PC to fasten the speed.

How to Adjust Audio Sync in VLC on Mac?

Fixing VLC out-of-sync audio is quite simple. You can simply use the short keys on your keyboard. It can quickly fix the audio sync issue. To adjust the audio in Mac, use the handy short keys F and G.

The F key and the G key can be used to alter the audio following the visual. The Decrease Audio Delay in the Milliseconds function is activated when you press the F Key. When you press the G Key. The G key advances the audio, whereas the F key reverses the audio.

Note: Though there are several ways to fix the audio sync issue, we have mentioned two of them for Windows and one for Mac. If we talk about the quick and simplest way then both Windows and Mac have short keys that can quickly fix the audio issue. For Windows, you will use the K and J keys. For Mac, you will use F and G keys. Though this solution is temporary and once you close the windows all of the changes will be lost. The other permanent solution consists of some steps as mentioned above.

Part 4. How to Fix Audio Delay in VLC on Android?

You may have observed that the audio delay you set is only applied to the current run. The next time you open the movie, it will not have the same delay as before. The settings in VLC will be lost. You need to go to the choices to keep the audio delay for the next run.

The following are the procedures to ensure that VLC for Android remembers the audio delay:

Step 1.

Open the video on the VLC Media Player on your Android.

Open VLC Player on Android
Open VLC Player on Android

Step 2.

Press the button in the bottom left corner

Press the Button
Press the Button

Step 3.

Click on this small button on the right side of the player

Click on the Small Button
Click on the Small Button

Step 4.

Click on the audio delay button

Click on the Audio Delay button
Click on the Audio Delay button

Step 5.

Now you can fix the audio delay.

Fix the Audio Delay
Fix the Audio Delay

You can apply the changes to one video or all the videos as well.
For the next run, the audio delay settings will be saved. It only relates to the specific video in question. You won’t have to do it over and over. To get rid of it, use the same methods.

How to Fix Audio Delay in VLC on iOS?

Now we will look at the audio delay in Mac. At times you record a new video or play an existing video and you suddenly observe that the audio and video are mismatched and there is a delay in the audio. Below are the steps to fix audio delay in VLC on iOS:

Step 1.

Open a video on your iPhone that has an audio delay issue

Open VLC Player on iPhone
Open VLC Player on iPhone

Step 2.

Tap on the tint clock icon on the left corner of the screen

Click on the Clock Icon
Click on the Clock Icon

Step 3.

On the audio delay option, you can move the pointer forward and backward. Adjust according to the audio.

Adjust the Audio Delay
Adjust the Audio Delay

Step 4.

Now, play the video and it is in sync with the audio

Fix the Audio Delay
Fix the Audio Delay

Note: The steps to fix audio delay in Android and iOS are quite simple and easy to apply. The only difference they have is Android can implement the change in all of the videos whereas, in iOS, you can only apply the change to the specific video.


To conclude what has been said so far, VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players used. We’ve explained the audio features in detail to show the importance and the efficiency of the Media Player. Moreover, this article is beneficial for understanding how to adjust Audio Sync in VLC whether you’re a Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone user. If you don’t have this media player already, you can download the VLC Media Player for Mac, Android, IOS, and Windows through the given links.

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